Friday, August 21, 2009

Soy products and hypothyroidism

For recent several weeks, I just had the biggest backfire of CFS: extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, low heart rate (under 50), muscle sore and pain, etc., you name it. These symptoms are all similar to those of hypothyroidism.
Just couple of days ago I accidentally read some article online about how soy products can produce thyroid problems and started to doubt about my diet might be a problem: it included too much soy type of foods: tofu, beans, soy milk (every morning).

While there is nothing substantiate my doubt that soy products are the real cause of my health problems, it is true that the nutrition factors of soy products have been highly controversial among nutrition scientists. The primary concern is that the isoflavones that found in soy may play a role in generating thyroid abnormalities. In some countries, soy products are strictly kept away from children under 3 year-old. For more information please visit this site:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just bought "Borax" from vitamine shoppe

Just read from an online furom about Borax, another Candida fighter beside iodine. Someone with experience with this product said it is better than iodine. I will keep posting about how it works for me.