Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Turning Point?

10 Secrets About Your Metabolism That Can Help...

About a week ago I rushed into ER due to UTI condition, since then I found that I have been experiencing a major change, a positive one.

Slow metabolism has been my primary issue for years. I had been suffering chronic constipation forever  (over 3 years, I would say). It was an obstacle to many other progresses. But this time, by curing my UTI, my constipation problem seems to be alleviated in a considerable scale. Lots of water certainly did its job. However, it is not water alone, ridding of caffeine (include tea!), low carb diet seem to be all important reasons.

As long as my metabolism back to normal, my energy should be (it is) much more improved, and I should be able to exercise regularly. And as long as I could exercise everyday, my heart problem will be gone soon and I should be back to health again!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ER Experience

Just spent whole night last night busy with my first ER experience in this country. It was "interesting"! First I went to Duke hospital after 2am this morning. After waiting for over an hour, around 4am this morning, I asked a lady who sat beside me how long she had been waiting, she said she was there since 11pm, and someone was there since 7pm. So I figured that I could not handle this (waiting for this long without a comfortable bed is simply a mission impossible), decided to leave for home.
A while later, since my symptom was not relieved, I called UNC hospital emergency department, and found they was no waiting line at all. I rushed there and got everything taken care of, and came back around 10am this morning. I am grateful, only wish I went to UNC first so I did not have to waste so much time in Duke Hospital.
Hope I could never go back there again!