Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Still Not There Yet

I was extremely happy that I made two friends in "real world". One of them visited me yesterday. We had great time. However, after she left, I knew I was in "trouble". The rest of evening I had to lie down in bed (otherwise my heart would malfunction). Today, I found that I was not recovered, so my class has been canceled.
Friend's visit was not the only cause for my temporary slipping back. I biked yesterday morning, did a little grocery shopping, all these add up, cause this "minor" crash!
I know I will be back to my "normal" probably later of today. However, I found, talking is still one of the most energy taking thing for me to do. And what this tells me is, I am still prohibited from social life.
Maybe, this is my fate. I am fine just living with myself and I can live happily. But if talking, a function that most people would not even feel a slightest problem is continue to be a big problem for me, that only means I am still in great energy "shortage". And as I get old, this would inevitably cause me more problems.
I figure that since this year, so far, averagely, I am about 70% of myself. My goal is not only recover to my own 100%, which is only 80% (or even less than) normal healthy people, but to some 110% of myself, somewhere close to normal health standard. So, a long way to go.