Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Health is UP!

Finally, my health is up again. For recently a couple of weeks I've not felt overwhelming fatigue and during recently several days I've done the most work for years without a crash!
2015, I had similar good period - it lasted for almost 3 months until final crashing down. This year summer I experienced another up rally but soon back to my "normal" condition which was sick... Hope this time lasts...

Monday, July 3, 2017

Healing effect of gardening

Gardener Gardening
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Haven't post anything for ages. My health has been stable for almost a year. no major relapses but many crashes. My energy level shifted from 50% - 80%. Could be better, but feel lucky that didn't got worse, and to be able to enjoy some life. No complain.

Just discovered that gardening had amazing healing effect on eyesight. My sight declined terribly during recently one year or two. Sometime it's so blurry that I worried that I might lose sight all together sooner or later. A few days ago I did lots of gardening as my physical energy got much better (God bless!), then suddenly, I found my sight got so much clearer than only half hour ago! Later on a friend who worked in medical profession said that staring at green is good for eye. No wonder! She also said the looking far distance was also good. Yes, I know that part. Living in a place that is surrounded with trees, I often feel like I need to look at distant view (I wrote a blog about that a couple of years ago).

So recently, every time my eyes got hurt by staring at computer screen (I should quit using computer!) I go back yard to work with plants. It indeed worked every time! Especially when there were sunshine on green leaves!