Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weight Control

A green onion pancake (cao you bing)Image via WikipediaI have removed the scale from my bathroom. I used to weigh my weight everyday and I got so tired of it and eventually realized it did more harm than good.

After I started to eat "normal" over half year ago, I gained a few pounds, on the top of many already extra pounds. As my energy got back, I have been able to exercise (walking and cycling) almost everyday. So my weight stopped increasing. Actually it seemed to decrease. I was very happy about that. However, about half months ago, I discovered some delicious Chinese food: a fired pancake, which I have not tasted for centuries. So I had one big piece of it every morning for one week straight and one day, I found my weight rushed back, increasing stealthily! Maybe I should not worry about it too much, but the thing is, not only my weight back up high, some other symptoms occurs as well! Of course, pancake is just one reason, not enough vegs is another. So these couple of days I ate vegs like a herbivore!

Did I not listen to my body? Well, I guess listen to our body doesn't completely equal to listen to our stomach.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cilantro From Backyard

I planted cilantro last year and did not do a thing this year, it grew up by itself! I can get this much once a couple days! How loving the mother nature is!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Vegs in Back Yard

This is one of my favorite vegs: green peas.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Moisture, One Way to Relieve Allegy

Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson)Image via WikipediaI found that certain degree of humidity could relieve my allergy symptom, actually instantly!

During night sleep, sometime I would wake up by sneezing, running nose, etc., but if I turn on my humidifier, soon, probably within a minute, my nose stopped running and I could breath normally again.

This actually makes sense to me. The allergy sources, such as pollen, or dust, would be absorbed by moisture. That's why rain help help people feel better during the season because it washes pollen away.

Now I turn on humidifier even during the day, I tell you, it works!

P.S. Anything I write in blog are "personal experience".

P.S. Just heard that if you use carpet at home, using humidifier is not a good idea. I have wooden floor, which is not problem.
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