Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Small Crash

I had a small crash these days after I over walked in the past Tuesday. It was a deja vu, since most of my crashes were due to the same reason: over exercise. It was inevitable, because I walked in trail, when I found I was tired, I still had to walk the whole way back to my car, during which I knew I was doomed!

For years I have been made same mistakes over and over again. It happened always during the time I felt good. It is frustrating. Good thing is, it's not a relapse but a small crash, which takes me about several days to recover (I thought it would only take 1 or 2 days, but today is the forth day, and I don't feel completely over yet).

Another thing is, looking back, my health condition went straight downward since I started cooking at home, when I started my art classes, in 2009. Even though I tried my best to cook well, still, I found my own foods were some time worse than those from malls. Plus, cooking is hard for me, because the worse thing for my weak heart is standing, and when I cook I have to stand most of time. Recently I felt so tired of my foods so I started to spend lots of money eat out. Strangely, I felt better! I guess it is the diversity of foods that gives me some energy. I need to discover some new good good foods in restaurants, not only Chinese, but also American foods. I really like steak sandwich. It gives me lots of energy.

More and more, I found there is not certain way to make me feel healthier. I just need to follow my instinct, my stomach.


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