Monday, February 16, 2015

85% But Feels Like 90%!

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Just coming back from 45 minutes walk! It's been amazing! I should not claim that I've recovered 100%, but I am getting close to it bit by bit, steadfastly!

My energy level was lifted up from 60% to 80% since October last year, right after I started to take Padma Basic. For all these 4 and half months, I only had a few minor crashes, which ended in several hours, or maximum one day. Overall, not only I can handle all my daily routine with ease, I also don't get much problems after my weekend classes. I have to give credit to Padma, I believe it provides me so much nutrition that I could not get from diet alone (I am a lousy cook!).

Now, I believe my energy level just reaches 85%, hopefully sometime in this year, I will be at 100% of myself again. And don't forget, my goal is 110% or 120%, because my 100% is not the same as 100% of normal health standard.

Anyway, despite of several symptoms I still have, I do feel my life is on the way back to me!