Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colloidal Silver, another anti-candida supplement beside Iodine?

I visited this forum (recommanded by a friend) and found a thread talking about iodine:

and one of replying post suggested Colloidal Silver, an even better "candida fighter". I don't know much about this product but here is the link from which you can also see some basic information about how this product works:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My strategy of fighting with CFS

Since March 24th, I started a quite strict diet and overall, I feel much better. But, bad days still come back. There are time that I still feel extremely tiresome and even caught shortbreath again.
However, I believe in DIET, because it made such a difference between now and before: more good days than bad days! And the bad days are not "that bad"! By thinking over what I have been donig with this CFS, I sum up my "strategy" of fighting with this CFS as below:
1, Killing candida yeast! To achieve this the first thing to do is diet! Check out my diet menu if you are insterested: Another thing is medication. So far, for what I have heard and what I have been using, Lugol iodine is one of the best anti-candida medicine. It is actually a supplement but it does good job on killing bacteria. The only side effects for what I know is that it might cause thyroid problem. I followed the direction by supplier and stopped taking it after 3 weeks. So far, I didn't feel any problems at all. I am going to start taking it after over one week break.
2, Improve immune system! To do so, I changed my life style: more active physically. If I could not handle 45 minutes walk once a day, I may break it up to 2 or 3 times a day, and each time about 15 to 30 minutes. For other time of the day, try my best NOT to sit in front of computer! Always move around.
3. Keep a relaxed mind! This sounds like an useless tip but it really helps my sleep. I was a long term insomnia sufferer and I believe that it was one of the most direct causes of my CFS. So, after learned to be mentally relaxed, I do feel it is much easier for me to handle the rest problems.

What else?

Monday, July 27, 2009

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Doctor List!!!

I just found the doctor list for CFS/ME (national wide) and found one that is very close to where I live!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moderate and regular exercise, the best way to keep you healthy!

I believe, physically speaking, 2 things dragged me into CFS: extreme lack of exercise and bad diet.
Based on yeast theory, CFS is due to the fact that increased yeast (or candida) population stresses our immune system. So, first is the increased yeasts, second is stressed immune system. I also found that lots of people carry too many yeasts but they are fine. Why? The answer is simple, because they have stronger immune system than I do. So, just one single reason, either increased yeast population or, weak immune system doesn't really cause such terrible outcome as CFS, only 2 of them get together can destroy one's health.*
For my own case, the lack of exercise caused my terribly weak immune system and the bad diet also made yeasts inside my body very happy (that's why I gained weight since I got into middle age).
Now, solutions are: diet pretty much takes care of starving yeasts; exercise would take care of improving immune system.
Here are some researches about how moderate and regular exercise can boost up immune system:
*Of course mental issues are also very important but, I don't really want to discuss those right now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 things make me feeling good recently

For my recent 6 or 7 years, I was constantly driven into a condition that I could not handle my daily life. However, about 3 months ago I was suggested again to change my diet (I say again because I did once before). I took the suggestion and it really made immediate change on my health condition. Another thing helps me is a medication recommanded by an online friend: lugol's iodine. I started to take this medicatoin less than 20 days ago and I have to say, for about 3 or 4 days, I have been experiencing another positive change.
Here are 4 major things I believed that heeps my health getting better:
1. Diet. For more details about what I eat, please visit:
2. Exercise. Mostly just walking.
3. Lugol's iodine? I started to believe it works. The first week since I took this medicine (or supplement, should I say?) I didn't feel much difference, but after 10 days, I do feel some obvious postive changes of my health.
4. Mental rest. Very important. One of reasons that I got into this health mess was stress. I didn't know how to rest myself since I was a teenager. I was a sever insomnia sufferer for over 25 years and it destroyed my health little by little until I reached the situation that my mental care could not recover my physical weakness (even though mental issue might be the reason for the beginning of my physical damage). So, since I learned to rest myself, everything seemed to be much easier.

Monday, July 13, 2009

CFS and weight loss

Not sure about other CFS sufferers, I myself always gain weight when my health declines. I had twice gained weight suddenly in my middle aged life: once I gained 20 lbs in 3 month and the second time was 2 years ago, I gained 10 lbs in about one months. And as soon as my health getting better, I am able to do some exercise, my weight drops.

Based on Elmer M. Cranton (, yeasts mostly live around large intestine area. Thus I think that people with big waistline might carry more yeasts than those with small belly. That's why getting fat is not healthy at all. Of course there are lots of people have big belly and they are just fine, but I suspect that the reason that they are fine might be because their immue systems are strong enought to deal with that many yeasts. When yeasts grow out of proportion, which means more than their immue system can handle, they would suffer consequence just like many CFS sufferers.

Above all, everybody is different. I am glad that I don't have a very strong immue system otherwise, I may weigh 200 pounds now!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More about "brain fog"

Just got an article from a friend about "brain fog" and I found it is very helpful on undertstanding this problem:

For CFS sufferers, if it's candida related, brain fog could be caused by one of candida wastes/toxins --- ethanal, one of my online friend suggested.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's death might have been homicide and drug overdose

Drugs kill people! My personal experience told me that. I simply don't understand how MJ could still on stage moving like that in his rehearsal 2 days before his death. He must made by iron!

And was there foul play?

Just got news from CNN that "MJ's death may have been a homicide or overdose".

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Brain fog or sleepiness?

I started to realize that my "brain fog" might simply due to my lack of good sleep.
An online friend suggested that my "brain fog" might be the side effect of taking lugol's iodine (anti candida medication). I have been taking lugol's iodine for over 10 days and I have not found any unwellness yet, except this dizziness.
However, yesterday I woke up with such a good sleep and the "brain fog" was almost gone!

Lots of people believe that CFS is not curable. I don't buy that. Anything has reasons, as long as we find what cause the problem, we will have sulotion..

Here is reference about getting ride of brain fog:

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brain fog

I was always one of brightest students in school and have been believing in my intelligence for all my life, despite the years torture of this fierce CFS. Just very recently I found that I started to suffer brain fog in some degree.
After diet, I no longer feel that extreme fatigue. I mostly have decent sleep now so at daytime I no longer suffer heart palpitation or some other symptoms. However, I easily get "brain fog" if I try to concentrate myself to engage in some serious study, especially reading. It looks like I start to have clue how those "stupid" people feel like: not able to memorize things, easy to forget things, etc.
However, I am not discouraged. I believe there is a reason. It might be my diet is too simple. I mostly just eat salad, fish and nuts. Maybe I should try to put back some meat in my diet. I am going to try Lamb.

Check it back and see if I am smarter later on:-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More on my "thyroid" and "stomach" problem

By blaming my stomach problem to that water molds inside my teapot, I didn't mean that (water molds) is my only problem. Just like everybody else, my body carrys candida yeasts. However, I have been suffer energy shortage since I was very young (teenager) and now, after years of struggling and study I realized that one of most important problems is I carry too many candida yeasts. At the time (2004) when I had "hungry" problem, the water molds in teapot certainly fed those candida so well that their population just increased suddenly and I had to eat more foods than I need myself to feed them.

My "thyroid" and "stomach" problem

2004 before Christmas, I had a very strange symptom: I felt hungry all the time! I had to keep eating, and was craving for oily fat foods. From Oct to Dec, I gained about 20 pounds! I checked with doctors. First they suspect I had "thyroid problem". But after checking my blood, they did not find any signs of infection or hormone imbalance. And then they checked my stomach, tried to find if I had any ulcer, or other type of infections. But again they could not tell. Later my appetite reduced close to normal and 2 months later, I met a guy who gave me instruction on Yoga and other exercise. It was him who believe that I had yeast-related syndrome. It was him who urged me to quit eating junk foods. And I took his suggestion, together with exercise, I cut off 20 pounds in 3 months. Started from June 2005 to the end of 2006, my health climb up to the best of 5 years.

By recalling the time of 2004, the period during my appetite strangely increased, I realized I had an electric teapot I used for making hot tea. I drank hot tea at work everyday. I never took care of inside this teapot until several months later, I "accidentally" found there was some light blue "mushroom" looking things on the inner wall of pot (I then threw tea pot away of course). They are WATER MOLDS! Now I firmly believe that it was those water molds that fed the yeasts inside my body so their population increased. And it was those yeasts yelled for food all the time!

Of course as usually, I still remember some friends' advices: stressful, or depressed. All nonsense!