Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hot foot bath works for me!

Ashiyu (Foot Bath)Image by jmurawski via Flickr

I have been doing hot foot bath for about 2 months. First I soak my feet in a bucket full of hot water. After water gets cold I add more hot water so my feet always feel very hot. I usually do it for about 20 minutes (it is said that doing it for half hour to 40 minutes is the best) and after that my body feel very relaxed.
It really helps my sleep! I highly recommend this method to those who have trouble to sleep and whoever's feet are always cold.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our body's self-regulatory function

I had not quite believed the health effects of meditation, Qi Gong, yoga or other similar motionless "exercises" before. However, recently I started to change my mind. I have realized that the body actually has a major self-regulatory function, and these type of exercises (motionless) are able to let this function to work at its best.
I roughly understand that this function is mastered by our autonomic nervous system. However when we are thinking or learning something, information keeps coming into our mind (nervous system) and interfers with this system, thus it cannot work much for our inner body needs. The busier our brains are with external information, the less our body's self-regulatory function succeeds. That's why people with high anxiety or stress would suffer considerable degree of body exhaustion. Meditation, yoga or other breathing techniques can block external information's coming in by forcing our brain to rest, thus the autonomic nervous system can work full time on self-regulation.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

“Hypochondria”: truth behind the pseudo-science

Physician treating a patient. Red-figure Attic...Image via Wikipedia
There are always people out there who are gifted with imagination: talking to Jesus Christ, meeting with God; or, having muscle spasm, heart irregular beating, or, difficulty of breath, etc. The former is called religious so we could freely doubt their factuality, but the latter is nothing to do with belief --- it is called “hypochondria”, “diagnosed” by physicians and psychologists and accepted by most people as a “scientific fact”.

When I first saw this word I did not pay much attention. However when I was chronic sick and could not get a descent diagnose and treatment, I started to doubt the authenticity of this term. Personally I have never been diagnosed as “hypochondria”, but if I had kept “doctor shopping”, I might have been sent to psychiatrists long time ago.

I have finished two readings recently: “Wellness, piece by piece” by Pat Sullivan; “Never be sick again” by Raymond Francis. The former is a well-known entrepreneur who was seriously ill. He was told by many doctors that his illness was created by his imagination. However, he did not buy that. Instead, out of his own effort he was eventually recovered. The author of the second book was a successful biologist who also was deadly ill. Once he was even “sentenced” to death by physicians. But just like Pat Sullivan he was cured later by using his own knowledge. Even though I do not agree with everything they said in these 2 books, I agree with them (especially Raymond Francis) with this thought: modern western medicine is not as efficient as most people believe. As matter of fact, lots of treatments do more harm than good to human bodies.

Thus my doubt to the word “hypochondria” increased. Let’s examine the definition first.

“Hypochondria is a belief that real or imagined physical symptoms are signs of a serious illness, despite medical reassurance and other evidence to the contrary.”

“Somatoform disorder, characterized by imagined sufferings of physical illness or, more generally, an exaggerated concern with one’s physical health. The hypochondriac typically displays a preoccupation with bodily functions such as heart rate, sweating, bowel and bladder functions, and the occasional minor problem like pimples, headaches, a simple cough, etc. all such trivialities are interpreted as signs of symptoms of more serious diseases. “doctor shopping” is common, assurances of health are futile.”*1
(There are many more definitions you can find online or books.)

For all these explanations, we could find two premises: 1, imagination of patients; 2, the illness patients claimed are undetectable. The first premise is at fault without any further study, because we all know that there is no way we could tell whether human’s imagination is truth or not (otherwise there would be no disputes about God’s existence). So the real premise of this definition is the second one: undetectable. That means, patients were “accused” to imagining illness ONLY because doctors could not find what’s wrong. I personally believe that only under ONE condition they can do so: modern medicine is a perfect science --- it knows human body (and mind) completely and it needs no more progress. But we all know this is not true. Human beings catch new diseases everyday and even within the existing diseases, there are still many of them are untreatable. That’s why what doctors really should do when they facing undetectable illness is: admitting the limitation of medicine, instead of “victim blame”.
In the book “Never be sick again”,Raymond Francis said:

“Physicians often assume that if they do not understand what is wrong, their ignorance is not at fault, but rather the patient is imagining the problem.”*2
“ A few suggested that I was hypochondriac, imagining ill health. Many physicians assume that if they do not understand what is wrong, the patient must be imagining his illness.” *2

Our knowledge is always (maybe forever) limited compare with the reality. That’s why modern medicine need to develop and progress. So to judge unlimited reality by using our limited knowledge and experience is truly an attitude of ignorance.

As life style changes more and more people caught many unknown diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of them. It is also one of most misunderstood and misdiagnosed diseases. Because of lots of doctors and psychologists hold modern medicine as “religion”, they truly believe that these patients has mental issues. Since these patients are treated as mental patients, they have to take wrongly prescription like anti-depressants and other drugs. Thus their already very weak immune system are completely damaged, their physical condition worsen.

An English young woman Sophia Miaza is one extreme example of this treatment. Her illness was diagnosed as mental and she dead at very young age. Here is the video:

As more and more people got CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome), more and more CFS patients stand up for themselves, some open-minded scientists/experts started to study these unknown diseases and some new theories started challenge conventional medicine. By Raymond Francis, one of the most important reason for the failure of western medicine on so many diseases is, modern medicine takes symptoms as enemy, thus ignore the more important or the only effective fact --- causes:

Modern medicine has a poor understanding of disease and relies on suppressing the symptoms of disease rather than addressing its true cause. (see *2) 

Another limitation (if not mistake) of modern medicine is that it separates human body into parts, so it has to deal with disease separately. But the truth is human body is a holistic being, partial problems are usually related, or caused by other parts or, the whole body function. But since modern medicine study human diseases by separate them to different categories, it doubtlessly leads to some bewildering results: undetectable; unexplainable or, a more face saving “solution”: hypochondria.

…breaking medicine up into medical specialities becomes obsolete and counterproductive. (see *2)

Of course I do not mean the partial studies of modern medicine is worthless. What I believe is the study of parts should work only for partial problems, or it should only help understanding the whole. It cannot be taken as the only right pathway to deal with everything.*3

By Raymond Francis, the author of “Never be sick again”, modern medicine made disease way too complicated than what it actual is. He thinks that we human only have “one disease”, which is “cell mis-function”; only two causes: nutrition deficiency and toxicity. I personally cannot judge the scientific accuracy of this theory but I appreciate its revolutionary perspective and I believe it would be a profound impact on traditional western medicine.

Beside “imagination”, another blameful factor of undetectable diseases is “depression”. Depression causes body illness is another wild spread and accepted “scientific fact”. I actually believe there is truth about it and I do not deny our mental conditions can interfere our physical function, however, I doubt it as the only or primary cause for all baffled unknown physical diseases, as most physicians do.

"We should not confuse the fact that the vast majority of fatigue patients are depressed because of chronic illness, not chronically ill because they are depressed. This is a very important distinction and (one) that most doctors fail to draw … to treat the depression as causing the whole illness is wrong!" *4

Many emerging illnesses, before they have gained acceptance by the medical community, have initially been discounted as being hysteria, depression, somatoform disorders, etc. One hundred years ago, polio was dismissed in just that fashion.

At the end of this writing, I like to share some information about the origin of the word “hypochondria”. “Hypochondria” originally didn’t mean “disease phobia”, but an actual disease found by ancient Greeks:

The word hypochondria is derived from the ancient Greek terms hypo, which means below, and chondros, which means cartilage, and it refers to a set of symptoms which were thought to have been caused by a disorder of the anatomical organs beneath the cartilages of the ribs.

In fact, “symptom phobia” or “preoccupation with imagined illness” could be much more accurate than “hypochondria”, but I think the reason of choosing “hypochondria”, in addition to its sarcastic effect on those “superstitious Greeks”, might be because this discovery of ancient Greek did not pass the test of “modern medicine". But whether this theory passes the test of truth or not, is certainly not the concern of those who take modern medicine as “God”.

Life is short. We all want to fill our time with enjoyments. I simply didn’t believe from the beginning that so many people would spend time on endless “doctor shopping” just by imagining their illness. Labeling those people with unknown disease as “hypochondriacs” is absolutely a behavior out of arrogance of conventional western medicine. Blaming patients imagination just because of the limitation of medicine study is pseudo-science.
And needless to mention, as the consequence of this “modern superstition”, millions of patients not only suffer from physical pain, mistreatment, but also misunderstanding even disrespect from families, friends, and society.
The hope is, more and more open-minded scientists/ specialists started to put efforts into studies of these “undetectable” diseases (I saw CFS patients interviews on Dr. OZ show). And more and more patients started to take advantage of internet to stand up for themselves, to speak out, to tell people the truth behind their “imagined illness”.

As a long term CFS sufferer, I hope one day I could see the term “hypochondria” disappears from psychology dictionary. In medicine dictionary, I hope one day this word no longer stand for “symptom phobia”, but some real physical diseases that receive right diagnoses and treatments.

*1.Dictionary of psychology, by Arthur s. Reber, Penguin, 1995
*2.Never be sick again, by Raymond Francis, Health communication, Inc. 2002
*3.I have to give credit to Chinese medicine on this account, even though I do not believe it completely from scientific perspective.
*4.A that I found is that so many physically healthy people have depression. One person I known had severe anxiety but he didn’t even get insomnia.
*5.Wellness, piece by piece, Pat Sullivan, Health Press NA Inc., 2005

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A website about Hypochondria

I always doubt the word "hypochondria" and thought it is something doesn't really make sense. Here is some information that justify some of my thoughts.

by information from this website, "hypochondria" IS an ACTUAL desease
by acient greek's study, but because it didn't fit any one of western
medicine catagery, it was used as a substitute word for "imagined"

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Since I adopted into this lazy life style, I realized that indeed, I was too stressed before. It seems to me that we just cannot know how stress we were until we are relaxed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy on feeding myself!

From morning till now, still busy with foods.
8:30am: breakfast: two steamed eggs (inside put some tomato, onion, etc.); a bup of coconut milk; a small bowl of stir fried green beans (purposely cut off starches because newly learned a scientific combination of foods!).
but these food only subsist my body till 10am! I had to eat another breakfast! a small bowl of oatmeal; a piece of bread, a glass of milk (mixed protein and starch! a violation of scientific food combination! but i was so hungry to care about science!).
Ok, two breakfast! already ate like pig! but only a little after 11am, I was hungry again. I had to eat again! around 12, i had a small brown rice (it was in refrigerator for several days. not fresh!); two small piece of salmon; 8 shrinps (medium small size); a little vegetable salad. And my body still felt not enough so I had a cup of protein shake.
I thought this should be enough, but, 20 minutes after I sat down I felt hungrey again! Now I am preparing for a piece of steak!
What's problem with it? The answer right now is: even though I have kept feeding my body, I have not give what it really needs. But what does my body really need? dinosaur meat? I can't find!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learn to rest: doing nothing!

Next to nothingnessImage by the grey sky morning via Flickr

It has been not easy for me to do this: doing nothing! I started to wonder that this might be the primary reason that I have been chronis ill. My body never really got rest and my nervous systems never been able to get balance.
I used to believe that I had a tireless brain and it had to be always busy with something. Now, my body says no and it overpowered my brain.
Something different happened: satisfaction --- or laziness in another word. I started to feel satisfied about lots of things and I am fine with not being able to do things. Finally I am lazy and I am fine with it! I believe that by a mental condition like this, my body would be finally relaxed, and then it would find a way to recover ifself, without any interfering of my mind.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Listen to you body!

I was told to "listen to your body" ages ago but never really did good job on it. Or, I just don't know how. Of course, it should not be very hard to do, but when you had so many problems going on inside your body, and so many "can't eat this" or "can't do that", you would get lost sometime.
I had been strictly sticked on to candida diet for over 4 months since this March. I felt great during first 2 months but later, all my old symptoms came back. After about 2 months struggling, I suspected that I suffered from lacking nutrients. I did a comprehensive blood tests trying to find out what I missed. But the blood tests didn't support my "hypothesis", they suggested just opposite --- that I should get rid of lots of things, as if I had too much nutrients intake.
After being totally perplexed for a while, I decided that I should listen to my body instead of trying to understand the complex blood tests. So I started eating normal again --- not only fishes and vegs, but some meat, and lots of fruits (many type of fruites are forbidden foods in candida diet because of the suger they contain). And the result of this action was ecouraging --- I immediately felt better! Starting from these couple of days, I went even further: I started take some suger --- the number one product that should be cut out in candida diet (it's also a product I had been strictly avoided for years!). I put a little organic brown suger in milk and whole wheat pancake. Guess what? They taste wonderful! At night before I sleep I also ate something (include some milk with suger) and it helped my sleep (for years I used to eat nothing within 2 or 3 hours before I sleep)!

For years I tried so hard to follow my mind --- to understand everything logically and plan things carefully, but now, my body demands me to listen to her: she overpowers my mind!
So I am going to eat whatever I feel like.

While I am ecouraging myself to eat normal, I am not saying that "candida diet" is not good. I still believe this diet and at certain point, it is crucial for the health. For me, it works when I am over-weight. Now, after several months diet my weight dropped (I understand this as a sign of massive dying out of candida yeasts) and my body is in need of somethings else that candida diet cannot offer. So switching back to normal but healthy diet is definitely the right thing to do.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hypercoagulation, "feet bath" with hot water


Blood circulation:  Red = oxygenated  Blue = d...Image via Wikipedia

Recently I was convinced that I have "hypercoagulation" --- thickened blood problem that causes chronic fatigue. Here is a link you can get more information:

For hypercoagulation, a Chinese herb called "san qi" or "tian qi" is supposed to be very effective. I just started to use it and cannot tell much yet. but what definitely helped me is this:
put your feet into very hot water for about 20 minutes (longer is better, and you better add hot water when the water gets colder). this would help blood circulation trimendously!

Ok, here is the theory: when you suffer hypercoagulation, your blood travels slow, especially when it travels to the feet, where it is fartherest stop from heart, so your feet feel so COLD. And cold feet also make blood travel slower. Eventually this would affect your heart.
The best way to help thickened blood is exercise. But if you are too weak to exercise, bathing your feet with hot water is definitely helpful. i did "feet bath" twice a day when I was in severe condition a few days ago. Now, I really feel much better and albe to do my daily walking again.

Actually, "bath feet" with hot water is not my invention, it is a Chinese traditional custom.
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An open letter to people WITHOUT CFS


This letter also tells my experience. It is painful and lead us (CFS sufferers) to social isolation.
I believe all these misunderstanding come from a "common sense" --- that is people's unknown chronic illnesses are usually caused by their depression. And this "common sense" I believe is come from a medical name "hypochondria" --- a name that was invented by doctors (or medical scientists) at the moment when they could not give a diagnose to their patients who claimed they were ill, because blaming to patients' mind was much easier than blaming science (as if medical science is perfect, no need to have any further progress).
So here we go, better to see a psychiatrist instead.


Friday, October 16, 2009

I found this site helpful. First with doubt I answered a questionnaire (total over 900 questions!) and got my free computer report in just a few hours. The report made some sense to me, and I went ahead paid $77 for a doctor's (Dr. Fisel) review. Again, it took no time at all, I got it on the second day. The report is very comprehensive and I must say, it is better than any analysis I was given before.
One might doubt the accuracy of the diagnose as doctors or computer just spend little time on reviewing your questionnaires, but I found it was quite trustworth. I believe this is because the questionnaire itself is so detailed and comprehensive --- it covers almost every aspect of your health. So even if the final diagnoses are not 100% accurate, they would still be very helpful in some way.
I would recommend this website "" to anyone who need helps. At least, it's worth a try. It is really not expensive, except you may have to spend sometime on answering questions.

Here is the report produced by doctor:


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Explore the beauty of Tai Ji

I started learning Tai Ji. This is one of videos that I am learning from.

I understand that Tai Ji is all about BALANCE: balance between pose and movement; balance between body and mind--- which mean you have to concentrating, also relaxing, let your body and mind work together and find their way to the harmony.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Another possible cause of my problem

tropical fruit worldImage by mralan via Flickr

Lack of fruits?
Since fruits contain suger, most of them are on the "forbidden" list in candida diet. I have been eating very little fruits since half year ago. Now I seriously doubt this non fruits diet might be one of the causes for my health trouble!
No matter what, buying some fruits will be my first thing to do tomorrow!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My blood test result

These tests are not normal:

cholesterol, 239 mg/dl (normal range 100-199);
LDL cholesterol Calc 161 mg/dl (normal range 0-99);
ACTH, plasma, 66 pg/ml  (normal range 4-48)

It looks like my nutritions intake is not bad. Or maybe too much?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recipes of simple ginger soup

GingerImage by FotoosVanRobin via Flickr

Tranlated from a Chinese health forum, by lily7:

Benifit: Ginger soup is a traditional Chinese health diet therapy. It is supposed to have several health benifits such as making your body temperature higher (for those who feel cold all the time. In another words it helps body to gain energy); weight loss; smooth out skin. etc..

Recipe (1):
put about 10 kg mashed ginger root into cup, pour boiled water, add one teaspoon of honney. Done!

Recipe (2):
Boiled sliced ginger root together with black suger (like you make tea). Drink it morning and night (somebody just suggested that it is not recommanded to drink it at night).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The first look of the fall

Finally, rain stopped. It is a fresh looking morning. Air is cool and dry. It's going to be a sunny autumn day.
I feel discernible change on my physical condition these days. I believe my diet play the most part of it. Acupuncture might contributed some positive energy too.
Yesterday I went to my second appoinment of acupuncture and felt a little nervous. I guess it is because my physical condition was better than the first time. The room was too cold to me so I got a little cold after treatment.
But again, overall I believe I am on the way to be good.
(the picture of my back yard )

Friday, September 25, 2009

First time acupuncture experience

Acupuncture chart from Hua Shou (fl. 1340s, Mi...Image via Wikipedia

(It was not really the first time but it is the first time I got into this seriously.)

The past Friday I went to see a local Chinese doctor. He looked around 60, energitic and was very concerned about my condition. He gave me one hour acupuncture treatment --- needles all over my body! And all of them were connected to electricity! But really, it was not that scary and painful as it sounds. After connecting to electricity, I felt vibration on skin. That's all.
Before the treatment started, my noses were running like crazy. Doctor gave me first 3 needles around my noses. He said it should help me with my sinus problem. Other needles went to all other places for all different goods.

I didn not feel obvious difference after treatment (my noses stopped running during the treatment but after I left clinic they started running again). These couple days I do feel better but I don't know if it is because of acupuncture or not. Doctor told me I would not feel obvious change until 3 times treatments. So I am patiently waiting for my next appointment (which is tomorrow). In the meantime, I just keep my fingers crossed.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The pain of visiting doctors

Some of my friends always ask me to get help from experts, but my experience with experts are 99% negetive.
Pat Sullivan (also a famous entrepreneur, founder of ACT), the auther of the book I am reading now ("Wellness, piece by piece") has visited tones of "experts". But still, most causes of his chronic illness were found by himself (he certainly is an intelligent man). He described one of his experience with a doctor: once after he read a book about a hormone called cortisol, he was convienced that his cortisol level was not enough. So he brought the book to the doctor and talked to him about it. What suprised Mr. Sullivan was, not only this doctor agreed with him, he actually was familiar with this cortisol theory and he was a student of the author of that book Sullivan just read! But he never suspected Mr. Sullivan could have such problem! Then after running a test they found that Sullivan's cortisol level was indeed very low!
Only if this doctor could suspect this earlier... What a time, money and energy waste! After finishing reading this chapter, my doubt about "experts" was even encreased.


Saliva-based hormone tests

BERLIN - AUGUST 14:  Human saliva sample and s...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Just found another quicker and easier hormone tests: Saliva-based hormone tests. You can also order online.

Here is one of them.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Order blood tests online!

HEMET, CA - APRIL 26:  Blood sample strips fro...Image by Getty Images via Daylife


By the reading the book "Wellness, piece by piece" I learned that we could actually order blood tests online! I just did one from and I could go to do the tests tomorrow (I could actually go today if I didn't eat my breakfast).
By doing this online, I could avoid all those doctor visit sh*t (sorry) and saved a lot of time! And what's better is that we do not need doctors' permission to do the tests we need! We could do whatever tests we want.

This is the website from where I got my order:

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another piece of puzzle ---> sleeping in the room without enough oxygen


I found another cause of my recently chronic tiredness: my bedroom didn't have enough oxygen.
Last night I lied in the bed and could not fall in sleep because I literally felt suffocated. My body needed oxygen! So I had to open windows and door fully and also opened the window in the hall way so air could flow through entire room. It really worked because in this morning, for the first time since "quite a while", I found my chest felt much "lighter". Also, my whole body felt more refreshed than previous mornings.

Of course, this is just one piece of puzzle. I still need to fix a lot of things.


Friday, September 18, 2009

"Wellness, piece by piece", by Pat Sullivan


A friend recommanded this book. Pat Sullivan is a successful entrepreneur who suffered long term chronic fatigue syndrome. I just started to read. It seems to be a book that contains lots of original and valuable information.
In the chapter "manage your nervous system", the auther quote from Dr. Edward Conley, an expert in treating CFS:
"We should not confuse the fact that the vast majority of fatigue patients are depressed because of chronic illness, not chronically ill because they are depressed. This is a very important distinction and (one) that most doctors fail to draw. To treat the depression as causing whole illnes is wrong!"

This is so important. I had told friends about this countless times! Now I finally found a approval by an expert!


The second diet change

I have changed my diet 5 months ago, from my regular unhealthy food hobby to an almost vegetarian food structure. I felt a dramatic health change immediately and I thought I would stick on this diet in the rest of my life. However, after 2 or 3 months' significent health improvement, my health condition stopped at a point where I could not make it any more progress. I didn't know why? I could not exercise as much as I needed (I used to walk 45 - 50 minutes, but somehow I could only walk around 30 minutes). And what was worse later on, over a month ago, I suffered a huge back fire of chronic fatigue syndrome! Again!

I did not find the true reason (actually i believe that reasons are always multiple) until a week ago. Before that I had blaimed everything and tried everything I could, still did feel any better. Then I tried the last thing: changing diet again. I was somehow convinced that what I had been eating is too simple. It was good for killing candida yeasts but it may not be nutritious enough for my health needs. So what I did was to increase the variety of foods, not only fish and vegs, but some beef, chicken, etc. And I started to take some Chinese herbs again which I disbelieve for a while.
It has been about a week and I do feel better, even though the difference is not significant as the previous diet change.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 14-20, 2009, the national invisible disease awareness week!

"Nearly 1 in 2 american has a chronic illness"! That's a lot! But I am sure they don't have chronic illness like I have, because almost everybody I know is healthy compair with me!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Backfire of CFS!

Being optimistic for over 3 months, I have been suffering from a serious backfire of CFS for over a month. Heart palpitation, shortness of breath are my primary symptoms. I had to constantly cancel my working schedule in order to get rest. Terrible!

I have been thinking what triggered this backfire and why it took so long to recover (I am still not recovered yet). Lacking oxygen is what I suffer the most when I had shortness of breath: I do not have strength to inhale air. I realized that this symptom happens after I overuse my energy. Back to April I had significant improvement after I changed my diet but why now, having being in better situation in every aspects (mental, financial), I still have such an attack from this monstrous disease?
I blaimed soy products, iodine overdoes, but today my "final" complain went to TALKING! Since I got better after I changed my diet, I increased working hours (I work as a teacher) and I realized that might be a problem! Because every time after 2 or 3 classes I literaly felt exhausted (More miserably I would started to suffer from shortness of breath for couple of days, sometime even longer). Talking is especially hard for me because when we (human) talk, we only breath out. We can only breath in during those intervals of sentences or words. So talking requires certain amount of stored oxygen inside our bodies to use. And my body is so weak sometime that I could not accomplish such a regular task which a normal person can do it without conscious intention.
I have already thrown away the inhalers that doctors gave me long time ago. They didn't help. I believe the only thing that can help me is talking less, doing more cadio exercise. Of course, it takes time. A lot of time. But I have no choice.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Soy products and hypothyroidism

For recent several weeks, I just had the biggest backfire of CFS: extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, low heart rate (under 50), muscle sore and pain, etc., you name it. These symptoms are all similar to those of hypothyroidism.
Just couple of days ago I accidentally read some article online about how soy products can produce thyroid problems and started to doubt about my diet might be a problem: it included too much soy type of foods: tofu, beans, soy milk (every morning).

While there is nothing substantiate my doubt that soy products are the real cause of my health problems, it is true that the nutrition factors of soy products have been highly controversial among nutrition scientists. The primary concern is that the isoflavones that found in soy may play a role in generating thyroid abnormalities. In some countries, soy products are strictly kept away from children under 3 year-old. For more information please visit this site:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just bought "Borax" from vitamine shoppe

Just read from an online furom about Borax, another Candida fighter beside iodine. Someone with experience with this product said it is better than iodine. I will keep posting about how it works for me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colloidal Silver, another anti-candida supplement beside Iodine?

I visited this forum (recommanded by a friend) and found a thread talking about iodine:

and one of replying post suggested Colloidal Silver, an even better "candida fighter". I don't know much about this product but here is the link from which you can also see some basic information about how this product works:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My strategy of fighting with CFS

Since March 24th, I started a quite strict diet and overall, I feel much better. But, bad days still come back. There are time that I still feel extremely tiresome and even caught shortbreath again.
However, I believe in DIET, because it made such a difference between now and before: more good days than bad days! And the bad days are not "that bad"! By thinking over what I have been donig with this CFS, I sum up my "strategy" of fighting with this CFS as below:
1, Killing candida yeast! To achieve this the first thing to do is diet! Check out my diet menu if you are insterested: Another thing is medication. So far, for what I have heard and what I have been using, Lugol iodine is one of the best anti-candida medicine. It is actually a supplement but it does good job on killing bacteria. The only side effects for what I know is that it might cause thyroid problem. I followed the direction by supplier and stopped taking it after 3 weeks. So far, I didn't feel any problems at all. I am going to start taking it after over one week break.
2, Improve immune system! To do so, I changed my life style: more active physically. If I could not handle 45 minutes walk once a day, I may break it up to 2 or 3 times a day, and each time about 15 to 30 minutes. For other time of the day, try my best NOT to sit in front of computer! Always move around.
3. Keep a relaxed mind! This sounds like an useless tip but it really helps my sleep. I was a long term insomnia sufferer and I believe that it was one of the most direct causes of my CFS. So, after learned to be mentally relaxed, I do feel it is much easier for me to handle the rest problems.

What else?

Monday, July 27, 2009

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Doctor List!!!

I just found the doctor list for CFS/ME (national wide) and found one that is very close to where I live!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moderate and regular exercise, the best way to keep you healthy!

I believe, physically speaking, 2 things dragged me into CFS: extreme lack of exercise and bad diet.
Based on yeast theory, CFS is due to the fact that increased yeast (or candida) population stresses our immune system. So, first is the increased yeasts, second is stressed immune system. I also found that lots of people carry too many yeasts but they are fine. Why? The answer is simple, because they have stronger immune system than I do. So, just one single reason, either increased yeast population or, weak immune system doesn't really cause such terrible outcome as CFS, only 2 of them get together can destroy one's health.*
For my own case, the lack of exercise caused my terribly weak immune system and the bad diet also made yeasts inside my body very happy (that's why I gained weight since I got into middle age).
Now, solutions are: diet pretty much takes care of starving yeasts; exercise would take care of improving immune system.
Here are some researches about how moderate and regular exercise can boost up immune system:
*Of course mental issues are also very important but, I don't really want to discuss those right now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 things make me feeling good recently

For my recent 6 or 7 years, I was constantly driven into a condition that I could not handle my daily life. However, about 3 months ago I was suggested again to change my diet (I say again because I did once before). I took the suggestion and it really made immediate change on my health condition. Another thing helps me is a medication recommanded by an online friend: lugol's iodine. I started to take this medicatoin less than 20 days ago and I have to say, for about 3 or 4 days, I have been experiencing another positive change.
Here are 4 major things I believed that heeps my health getting better:
1. Diet. For more details about what I eat, please visit:
2. Exercise. Mostly just walking.
3. Lugol's iodine? I started to believe it works. The first week since I took this medicine (or supplement, should I say?) I didn't feel much difference, but after 10 days, I do feel some obvious postive changes of my health.
4. Mental rest. Very important. One of reasons that I got into this health mess was stress. I didn't know how to rest myself since I was a teenager. I was a sever insomnia sufferer for over 25 years and it destroyed my health little by little until I reached the situation that my mental care could not recover my physical weakness (even though mental issue might be the reason for the beginning of my physical damage). So, since I learned to rest myself, everything seemed to be much easier.

Monday, July 13, 2009

CFS and weight loss

Not sure about other CFS sufferers, I myself always gain weight when my health declines. I had twice gained weight suddenly in my middle aged life: once I gained 20 lbs in 3 month and the second time was 2 years ago, I gained 10 lbs in about one months. And as soon as my health getting better, I am able to do some exercise, my weight drops.

Based on Elmer M. Cranton (, yeasts mostly live around large intestine area. Thus I think that people with big waistline might carry more yeasts than those with small belly. That's why getting fat is not healthy at all. Of course there are lots of people have big belly and they are just fine, but I suspect that the reason that they are fine might be because their immue systems are strong enought to deal with that many yeasts. When yeasts grow out of proportion, which means more than their immue system can handle, they would suffer consequence just like many CFS sufferers.

Above all, everybody is different. I am glad that I don't have a very strong immue system otherwise, I may weigh 200 pounds now!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More about "brain fog"

Just got an article from a friend about "brain fog" and I found it is very helpful on undertstanding this problem:

For CFS sufferers, if it's candida related, brain fog could be caused by one of candida wastes/toxins --- ethanal, one of my online friend suggested.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's death might have been homicide and drug overdose

Drugs kill people! My personal experience told me that. I simply don't understand how MJ could still on stage moving like that in his rehearsal 2 days before his death. He must made by iron!

And was there foul play?

Just got news from CNN that "MJ's death may have been a homicide or overdose".

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Brain fog or sleepiness?

I started to realize that my "brain fog" might simply due to my lack of good sleep.
An online friend suggested that my "brain fog" might be the side effect of taking lugol's iodine (anti candida medication). I have been taking lugol's iodine for over 10 days and I have not found any unwellness yet, except this dizziness.
However, yesterday I woke up with such a good sleep and the "brain fog" was almost gone!

Lots of people believe that CFS is not curable. I don't buy that. Anything has reasons, as long as we find what cause the problem, we will have sulotion..

Here is reference about getting ride of brain fog:

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brain fog

I was always one of brightest students in school and have been believing in my intelligence for all my life, despite the years torture of this fierce CFS. Just very recently I found that I started to suffer brain fog in some degree.
After diet, I no longer feel that extreme fatigue. I mostly have decent sleep now so at daytime I no longer suffer heart palpitation or some other symptoms. However, I easily get "brain fog" if I try to concentrate myself to engage in some serious study, especially reading. It looks like I start to have clue how those "stupid" people feel like: not able to memorize things, easy to forget things, etc.
However, I am not discouraged. I believe there is a reason. It might be my diet is too simple. I mostly just eat salad, fish and nuts. Maybe I should try to put back some meat in my diet. I am going to try Lamb.

Check it back and see if I am smarter later on:-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More on my "thyroid" and "stomach" problem

By blaming my stomach problem to that water molds inside my teapot, I didn't mean that (water molds) is my only problem. Just like everybody else, my body carrys candida yeasts. However, I have been suffer energy shortage since I was very young (teenager) and now, after years of struggling and study I realized that one of most important problems is I carry too many candida yeasts. At the time (2004) when I had "hungry" problem, the water molds in teapot certainly fed those candida so well that their population just increased suddenly and I had to eat more foods than I need myself to feed them.

My "thyroid" and "stomach" problem

2004 before Christmas, I had a very strange symptom: I felt hungry all the time! I had to keep eating, and was craving for oily fat foods. From Oct to Dec, I gained about 20 pounds! I checked with doctors. First they suspect I had "thyroid problem". But after checking my blood, they did not find any signs of infection or hormone imbalance. And then they checked my stomach, tried to find if I had any ulcer, or other type of infections. But again they could not tell. Later my appetite reduced close to normal and 2 months later, I met a guy who gave me instruction on Yoga and other exercise. It was him who believe that I had yeast-related syndrome. It was him who urged me to quit eating junk foods. And I took his suggestion, together with exercise, I cut off 20 pounds in 3 months. Started from June 2005 to the end of 2006, my health climb up to the best of 5 years.

By recalling the time of 2004, the period during my appetite strangely increased, I realized I had an electric teapot I used for making hot tea. I drank hot tea at work everyday. I never took care of inside this teapot until several months later, I "accidentally" found there was some light blue "mushroom" looking things on the inner wall of pot (I then threw tea pot away of course). They are WATER MOLDS! Now I firmly believe that it was those water molds that fed the yeasts inside my body so their population increased. And it was those yeasts yelled for food all the time!

Of course as usually, I still remember some friends' advices: stressful, or depressed. All nonsense!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A simple, delicious and healthy fish soup

fish filliets
sliced tofu
sliced tomatos
sliced mushrooms

Put a little vegs oil in a not-so-hot pot;
Put some sliced garlic into the not-so-hot oil and stir fry a little bit;
Put fish filliets and stir fry a little, add some water;
While boiling water put tofu and tomatos (some rice wine would be nice), and a little salt;
Ater boiling point wait about 5 to 10 minutes, put mushrooms and boil about another 5 minutes;
Scatter some green onions and done!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Raw vegs effects.

I have been living in USA almost 14 years but just recently learned to eat salad (Can you believe that?). It gives me energy back better than any other methods I tried before. And cooking is so simple: just all kinds different vegs, slice them and put some garlic and olive oil. That's it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 right things to say to an ill person (in response to "20 things not to say to an ill person"

After you heard your friend was not well:
#1: Realy? Sorry to hear that. (instead of saying "you are fine")
#2: Did you check with doctor yet? (instead of saying:"stop thinking about it")
#3: They(doctors) didn't find anything wrong? Oh, I don't believe them! (instead of saying "then you are just fine")
#4: There must be reasons if you feel this bad. Keep hope! (instead of saying "I don't have such luxery to feel so bad")
#5: Get good rest! (instead of saying "get out of house and you will find that you are just healthy like a cow!")
#6: How is your diet? "You are what you eat." You know that.
#7: Don't give up! Good days are coming.
#8: Are there anybody around to help you? Let me know what I can do to help you. (instead of say "there are easier ways to get attentions")
#9: How is your energy level? You do look better today. (instead of saying "yes, you look extremely good and you must feel excellent!" (in order to stop ill person's continuous "whining"))
#10: If you say you feel sick, you must be. You know yourself better than anybody else. Please take good care. (Instead of saying "you don't look sick at all! what's wrong with your mind?")

20 thinigs not to say to an ill person

I found this is great!

My weight dropped these days without much exercises.

Several things I have been doing together but I don't know which one worked or, just all of them worked: diet, psyllium seeds husk supplement, a lot of water.
Here is my diet menu:
breakfast: oatmeal (actually experts put it as forbbiden food), nuts, a piece of whole wheat bread, soy milk, one egg;
lunch: fish, vegs (salad), brown rice;
dinner: almost the same as lunch.

Oh, just realized that I haven't eaten any fruits for several days! By experts' opinion, fruits have lots of sugar, so they belong to forbbiden foods for CFS sufferers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A simple recipe of steam fish

I started cooking everything very simple. Most vegs I just eat them raw (not that easy for a Chinese). Here is how I steam fish and mushroom:

a piece of whiting fish fillet, cut in small pieces (around one inch wide);
sliced mushroom (any kind, fresh is better);
sliced tofu (if you don't like it, you don't have to put it);
fish on the bottom, mushroom and tofu on the top, can be mixed, put very little salt, some sliced garlic, green onion, and some rice wine.

Then steam! About 10 mimutes, done!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Inulin, as a suppliment feeding beneficial intestinal bacteria

According to this link:

inulin, is "a non-digestible polysaccharide, which helps to feed the beneficial intestinal bacteria, especially in the colon. It is present in Jerusalem artichokes, chicory roots and dandelion roots, and may be sold as a white powder, see ..."
Here is the link to buy:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A simple self-test for Candida

From the artlicle by Walter Last (

A simple Saliva Test for Candida is as follows:
Immediately after rising before you eat or drink anything fill a clear glass with water at room temperature. Spit some saliva into the glass of water. Then check from time to time for up to an hour to see what happens to the spit. If Candida is present, you will see one of three things, or a combination of these.
1. There may be strings like legs extending into the water from the saliva floating on top
2. Cloudy saliva will accumulate at the bottom of the glass
3. Cloudy bits will remain suspended in the water.
The quicker and stronger the strings grow and the sooner the saliva sinks, the more Candida is in the sample. If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after one hour, you probably do not have systemic Candida but may still have a mild or localized problem in the intestines or the vagina, and you may still have dysbiosis and infestations of other pathogenic microbes.
I did it for myself and it looks like I am still candida infected.:-(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Supplements that help CFS/Candida/yeast-related illness

According to Walter Last "overcoming candida" , these are some useful supplements for CFS or candida/yeast-related illness sufferers:

Multivitamin with additional magnesium, selenium and zinc;
Fish oils;
Plenty of antioxidants;
Digestive enzymes with cooked foods
inulin, present in Jerusalem artichokes, chicory roots and danelion roots, maybe sold as a white powder, check out:
Iodine, 3 mg daily.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lugol's iodine as anti-yeast medication

Just told by an online friend who suffers CFS, Lugol's iodine is one of effective the most anti-yeast medications. It is also inexpensive.
For medical effects, visit wikipedia:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More about misunderstanding CFS

Before I realized that I had CFS, I was mentally stressed about my "newly developed antisocial" personality (I used to have so many friends and was always popular wherever I went). I found myself stealthily estranged from old friends, while I was not able to make new. Whenever conflicts happened between my friends and I, I always doubt myself: did my personality really changed? Was I really so stress about my career or personal life, as some of my friends suggested? Now I realized that I am just one of millions of CFS sufferers who not only suffer from physical problems but also from mental stress due to people's misunderstanding and misjudgment.
The major problem is come from the aspect of this disease: the victims DO NOT look sick. That's why it is also called "invisible" disease. Since doctors also cannot find out what problems are, patients' problems are easily considered as mental issues (CFIDS):
"Much to their distress upon seeking medical advice, such victims of CFIDS are often told, "Your physical examination and laboratory studies are all normal. Your symptoms are "psychological." In other words, "you're imagining your illness." Physicians and family alike would consider such patients to be "hypochondriacs." Victims of CFIDS would go from doctor to doctor, year after year, with no benefit."
Not only doctors, but also friends and families members don't understand CFS. Since CFS patients always claim "tired", people would think the "tiredness" they talk about is just like the "regular tiredness", like normal people usually feel after getting out of gym. So most people easily believe that those CFS sufferers are either "lazy", or mentally fragile. Let's just read a little more about what is CFS tiredness like (By FM/CFS/ME resources):
"We all get tired. It's part of life, and especially part of modern life. Think for a moment about the last time you were really tired at work. It's harder to focus, harder to function, but you can push through it. Now think back to the last time you were really sick with something like strep or the flu, too sick to work, and too sick to function. Can you remember how exhausted you were, how hard it was to get out of bed and even take a shower? When you're sick like that, it's like your body just shuts down and demands that you rest.There's a big difference between the two types of tired, right? That second kind of tired is what people with CFS/ME deal with every day. They're not just sleepy, and they can't just push through it. They're so wiped out that their bodies demand rest and sleep constantly."
I myself used to be extremely tired that I had to quit my job (or whatever I do for living) together with almost any social life --- include hanging out with my dear friends --- because talking was just too much for me to suffer. But still, many people just don't believe that I was ill, and suggested that it was due to my "antisocial personality". Of course it is not that important how other people think of you. We all know this simple philosophy, but in situation like CFS, being sick like a person need to be taken care of in hospital but not even a life soul on this earth believe that you are sick, to be understood by others means totally different thing. I just cannot tell you how angry I felt when people looked at me, shaking their head saying: "you don't look sick", "you are fine", "just don't say you are tired. ok?", "why do you say that ('I don't have energy')?". At this point, what offends me is not what people's misunderstanding, but ignorance: how could people assume they know you better than you know yourself?
Under such overwhelmingly misunderstanding and judgment, I just cannot tell how much it would take me to retain my sanity. Needless to mention, those physical chronic symptoms alone could destroy a normal human being's confidence.
After I knew I had CFS, I visited some online forum and realized that I was not only one who suffered this kind of misunderstanding. Much worse cases are out there. Some of them were treated as mentally ill people, forced to spend rest of their life in asylum. The worst case was those who died by misdiagnosed and mistreatment, like Sophia Mirza.
Again, Ignorance kills!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Overcome CFS website!

It's coming. Not completely finished but most stuffs are up there:

Please check it out and leave you comments. Thanks!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Roger Federer made history today!

Nothing about CFS today. Paris, Roland Garros, Roger Federer, a tennis genius by my opinion, proved that he is the ONE!
It has been a while that a lot of people believe that Rafa Nadal is a better player, because in his face to face matches with Federer, he won most of them. However, if we look at recent years tennis tournaments by a larger scope, Federer overwhelmingly defeat almost everybody else except Nadal. Federer won many more titles and had been a #1 player longer than Nadal. And now, after one not as great year (last year) he finaly come back again! Of course, as I expected!
What I enjoy Federer the most is his style: he makes tennis playing so easy! I used to think Sampras is the best ever, but now, I have to agree, Federer is the real GOAT (the greatest of all time). He is perfection of tennis: body structure, technique, psychological power, and his CLASSY personality.
I am so happy for him today even though my blog is not about tennis but I still want to write some words down!

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Draw attention"

Another CRAP that many people throw onto ME/CFS sufferers is "Draw attention".
Please watch this video if you are interested in this subject: a girl Sophia Mirza suffered ME/CFS died because her illness was treated as mental illness. Don't miss this detail: once she lay on bed without any energy, the docter just suggested that the reason she did so because she wanted to drawing people's attention!

By my own experience, I just cannot count how many times my friends, doctors or other people thought that I was trying to draw their attention when I mentioned my problems. How could people be so judgemental? When one of my "friends" "positively encouraged" me not to mention again that I didn't have energy because he knew that I was "full of energy", I really wanted to slap his face, only if I had the energy he suggested.

Ignorance kills!

Pau d'arco tea: a tea that kills yeast?

I learned from a book that this tea might kill yeast, which means good for yeast-related CFS.

Pau d'arco is a tree that withstands severe wind and harsh weather. It is found extensively in south America. The tea is made from the inner bark of this tree that used to be reffered as "Devine tree" by Incas.
I found it in local Vitamin Shop for $5.99 (or $4.99?). The picture I put here is the exactly what I got. I was told that it tastes not so pleasant but I found otherwise:)
Of course you can also purchase it from online.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

CFS and Yeast

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a relatively new name. Earlier in last century 70s, an allergist Dr. C. Orian Truss found that the over increased population of yeast --- a normal parasite in human body --- would stress our immune system and causes lots of symptoms. He gave a name to this disease as: Yeast-related Syndrome.
According to another Docter M.D.Elmer M. Cranton:
"Yeast and fungal infections of the skin, mouth, nails, vagina, and digestive tract have long been recognized and are easy to diagnose, but a relationship has only recently been discovered between yeast colonization, often sub-clinical and otherwise unapparent, with a wide variety of disabling symptoms. "

Chronic problems caused by this yeast include (given by the article linked above):
Anxiety (acute or chronic)
Arthritis (osteoarthritis especially)
AsthmaNasal and sinus congestionAttention
Deficit DisorderLearning and behavior disorders
Bed wetting
Celiac Disease
Non-tropical sprue
Ulcerative colitis
Chronic Fatigue
Cystic fibrosis Depression
Bowel Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Itchy skin problems
Sleep disturbances
Water retention
Weight control problems
Sexual dysfunction
Menstrual disorders
And many more...

The cause of this over grown population of yeast, by my understanding, is mostly bad life style: bad food (junk food) and lack of exercise.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Psyllium seed husks

Most CFS sufferers suffer from constipation and one of herbal based supplements seems very effective for this symptom.
I found this production from an online furom after I post a article about CFS. Someone recommanded this products. And I tried. The result was positive! About couple days I started feel the difference. Now it has been about 2 months since I use it and I have to say that I am in much better shape (forgive me for not getting into much details, lol)
You can get this products from local pharmacy stores or online. Price is absolutely affordable for everybody.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Misunderstand CFS

Another "symptome" that CFS sufferers suffer is the isolation from friends and family. This disease is also called "invisible disease, which means the sufferers do not look sick (some of them do look sick though) and medical science also cannot define what exact the illness is. Thus the CFS patients are commonly pictured as "mentally ill", "mentally lazy", "negative personality", etc. Usually at beginning CFS sufferer would try very hard to be understood, but the more they try, the more they feel the misjudgement. And finally they would give up and stay alone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Understand ME/CFS

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a disease that has been existing for very long time (I don't know how long) but just during recent couple of decades been recognized by some medical experts as a "real" disease.
You may think you never met any CFS sufferers, but you might know someone who always claim "tired" or "no energy". And very often many patients come to doctors with all different kind of symptoms but doctors could not diagnose them. These people, are usually ignored by their friends or families, and mistakenly diagnosed by doctors as "hypochondria", or "mental stress". However, more and more, they are recognised as CFS sufferers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Body and mind, who bosses whom?

When people get body pain without "diagnosable causes", it is commonly believed that the causes are mental. However, I like to challenge this "belief".
I have met so many people who are suffer depression, anxiety or other mental illness but still physically very strong. And on the other hand, I seldom met anyone who are always cheerful when they are in miserable physical conditions. Then people get sick, they just want to "stay in closet", because they do not want to people to see them so sick, because they know they do not have that "positive spirit" to be with others. As a long term CFS sufferer, my experience told me: when I am physically comfortable, I am always (not 100 % of course) in good spirits; but if I am in bad physical condition, I would just be haunted by all those negative thoughts and feelings.
I am not saying that mental strength does not have any power over physical condition, but I do personally believe, that physical health has STRONGER impact on our mental health.
I am not a medical doctor. my words are completely based my own experiences and my own study. So I sincerely welcome any suggestions and criticism.

Body pain and depression

Here is a story about "Body pain and depression" :
One day one of my friends who suffers depression told me that she woke up with body pain --- "a typical sign of depression". I didn't pay much attention until one morning I myself woke up with body pain. And later I realized that I had this synptome longtime ago and the reason for that was my bed, not depression! Here is why: during winter, the cold air would invade into your body if you don't put enough pads on top of your bed (not on top of you body). This is actually a common sense in China since Chinese people didn't have heater during winter. So, the second night I just put extra blanks on my bed and you know what? Body pain was gone! So I told my friend and she did the same thing and enjoyed the same positive outcome.
The reason I share this story is: a lot of times when people suffer from unknow diseases, they would be easily told that it was due to their mental issues, but I believe the truth is, in the cases like chronic fatigue syndrome, physical problems usually play a bigger role.

My fight with "Candida yeast" (1)

4 years ago, I met an Indian guy who tought me Yoga and other exercises. He believed that I had a disease called "yeast related syndrome", and asked me to change my diet. I didn't believe him because I felt like if I did what he suggested which was cut off meat completely, I would die. However I tried. And the result was amazing! I felt some sort of suddern change: my energy came back, I started to lose weight, and many other positive outcomes.
That was about march 2005. Then for 3 month, I lost about 20 pounds and felt like a new person.

to be continued...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Something to share…

I am a long term CFS sufferer and recently found a way out (not completely yet). I start this blog for sharing my experience with other people. And together, let’s find a way toward good health, both physical and mental.