Sunday, May 31, 2009

CFS and Yeast

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a relatively new name. Earlier in last century 70s, an allergist Dr. C. Orian Truss found that the over increased population of yeast --- a normal parasite in human body --- would stress our immune system and causes lots of symptoms. He gave a name to this disease as: Yeast-related Syndrome.
According to another Docter M.D.Elmer M. Cranton:
"Yeast and fungal infections of the skin, mouth, nails, vagina, and digestive tract have long been recognized and are easy to diagnose, but a relationship has only recently been discovered between yeast colonization, often sub-clinical and otherwise unapparent, with a wide variety of disabling symptoms. "

Chronic problems caused by this yeast include (given by the article linked above):
Anxiety (acute or chronic)
Arthritis (osteoarthritis especially)
AsthmaNasal and sinus congestionAttention
Deficit DisorderLearning and behavior disorders
Bed wetting
Celiac Disease
Non-tropical sprue
Ulcerative colitis
Chronic Fatigue
Cystic fibrosis Depression
Bowel Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Itchy skin problems
Sleep disturbances
Water retention
Weight control problems
Sexual dysfunction
Menstrual disorders
And many more...

The cause of this over grown population of yeast, by my understanding, is mostly bad life style: bad food (junk food) and lack of exercise.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Psyllium seed husks

Most CFS sufferers suffer from constipation and one of herbal based supplements seems very effective for this symptom.
I found this production from an online furom after I post a article about CFS. Someone recommanded this products. And I tried. The result was positive! About couple days I started feel the difference. Now it has been about 2 months since I use it and I have to say that I am in much better shape (forgive me for not getting into much details, lol)
You can get this products from local pharmacy stores or online. Price is absolutely affordable for everybody.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Misunderstand CFS

Another "symptome" that CFS sufferers suffer is the isolation from friends and family. This disease is also called "invisible disease, which means the sufferers do not look sick (some of them do look sick though) and medical science also cannot define what exact the illness is. Thus the CFS patients are commonly pictured as "mentally ill", "mentally lazy", "negative personality", etc. Usually at beginning CFS sufferer would try very hard to be understood, but the more they try, the more they feel the misjudgement. And finally they would give up and stay alone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Understand ME/CFS

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a disease that has been existing for very long time (I don't know how long) but just during recent couple of decades been recognized by some medical experts as a "real" disease.
You may think you never met any CFS sufferers, but you might know someone who always claim "tired" or "no energy". And very often many patients come to doctors with all different kind of symptoms but doctors could not diagnose them. These people, are usually ignored by their friends or families, and mistakenly diagnosed by doctors as "hypochondria", or "mental stress". However, more and more, they are recognised as CFS sufferers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Body and mind, who bosses whom?

When people get body pain without "diagnosable causes", it is commonly believed that the causes are mental. However, I like to challenge this "belief".
I have met so many people who are suffer depression, anxiety or other mental illness but still physically very strong. And on the other hand, I seldom met anyone who are always cheerful when they are in miserable physical conditions. Then people get sick, they just want to "stay in closet", because they do not want to people to see them so sick, because they know they do not have that "positive spirit" to be with others. As a long term CFS sufferer, my experience told me: when I am physically comfortable, I am always (not 100 % of course) in good spirits; but if I am in bad physical condition, I would just be haunted by all those negative thoughts and feelings.
I am not saying that mental strength does not have any power over physical condition, but I do personally believe, that physical health has STRONGER impact on our mental health.
I am not a medical doctor. my words are completely based my own experiences and my own study. So I sincerely welcome any suggestions and criticism.

Body pain and depression

Here is a story about "Body pain and depression" :
One day one of my friends who suffers depression told me that she woke up with body pain --- "a typical sign of depression". I didn't pay much attention until one morning I myself woke up with body pain. And later I realized that I had this synptome longtime ago and the reason for that was my bed, not depression! Here is why: during winter, the cold air would invade into your body if you don't put enough pads on top of your bed (not on top of you body). This is actually a common sense in China since Chinese people didn't have heater during winter. So, the second night I just put extra blanks on my bed and you know what? Body pain was gone! So I told my friend and she did the same thing and enjoyed the same positive outcome.
The reason I share this story is: a lot of times when people suffer from unknow diseases, they would be easily told that it was due to their mental issues, but I believe the truth is, in the cases like chronic fatigue syndrome, physical problems usually play a bigger role.

My fight with "Candida yeast" (1)

4 years ago, I met an Indian guy who tought me Yoga and other exercises. He believed that I had a disease called "yeast related syndrome", and asked me to change my diet. I didn't believe him because I felt like if I did what he suggested which was cut off meat completely, I would die. However I tried. And the result was amazing! I felt some sort of suddern change: my energy came back, I started to lose weight, and many other positive outcomes.
That was about march 2005. Then for 3 month, I lost about 20 pounds and felt like a new person.

to be continued...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Something to share…

I am a long term CFS sufferer and recently found a way out (not completely yet). I start this blog for sharing my experience with other people. And together, let’s find a way toward good health, both physical and mental.