Saturday, April 17, 2010

One disease, two causes.

In the book "Never be sick again", Raymond Francis (a biologist who cured himself by his own wisdom) thinks that modern medicine made diseases way more complicated than what they really are. He believes that we only have "one disease": "cell malfunction", with two causes: "lack of nutrition" and "toxicity".
More and more I am convinced this is exactly what "chronic fatigue syndrome is: lack of nutrition and toxicity. With all junk foods and drugs, also lack of exercises, our body cells get "poisoned" and weakened. So even without any visible problems in any parts of our bodies, our bodies as a whole just don't function like the way they should do.
To fix these problems, diet is so the most crucial: eat organic high protein products to feed our healthy body cells also starve yeast candidas or any other parasites by NOT eat any junk food.

Easy to say but hard to do, because organic foods are expensive. But or me, I really don't have much choices: at this point, nothing (even love) is as important as health.

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  1. I think that this is a bit of simplification (even though I did not read the book). I feel that it is those who suffer from illnesses tend to care most about what they eat, and yet they are always sick.

    There are those who regardless of what they eat are always full of energy and healthy.

    A great deal of our energy level and health are defined by our genetics. So while we must not ignore our lifestyle, we should always remember that genetics dictates a great deal of who we are, and how healthy we will be

  2. ranfuchs, what you said is not completely untrue... i used to think like the same way so i had spent most of my life without any proper care: diet and exercise. now i only wish i could go back 20 years on my time frame.
    the first half of the book ("never be sick again") is very revolutionary, by my opinion, also convincing. the author simply believe that with proper care, any bad health conditions are reversible, even those defined by genetics, because new cells are produced in our body everyday and if we feed them with right nutritions, they would just be healthy. this is very encourage to me because i need have such hope. but later when the author talked about those "pathways" of recovering, i found some of them just don't work for me.
    however, this is one of books give me great hope with reasonable concept.

    i wonder why your comment doesn't show on front?

  3. Good luck, Yuni! I hope the new diet helps.

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