Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter, a time to "store"

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Based on Chinese medicine, the function of human body follows the nature. So we should do differently during different seasons.

Now is winter, we should rest. Do not do too much exercise because winter is the time to store our energy.
Since I was suffering tremendous fatigue last fall, this anonymous Chinese doctor I met online asked me NOT to do any exercise until spring. I followed his advice. All these couple of months I have been doing is rest, massive amount of rest. Yes I gained some weight (which I hate), but my energy is coming back!

I don't know if this sounds superstitious to someone or not, but I believe our human is part of nature. So there is nothing wrong to follow the mother Nature.
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An anonymous Chinese doctor online

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I had bad fall last year. Out of desperation, I went online looking for help a lot. At the end of last year, a Chinese doctor I met on an online health forum started to take care of me amazingly: after given a detail email about my health history, he gave me a Chinese herbal prescription, and changed it once a while after my health problems changed. Now I am in the third prescription he gave me.
I knew him after I joined a debate about Chinese and Western medicine. This doctor's opinion drew my attention and soon I sent him an email with some questions. Then he asked me to write him a detailed message about my health. And after that, I finally felt like under some professional care! What amazed me was not only I wrote him often, but he also asked me often if he didn't hear from me. He is very confident about what he is doing.
And you know what? I didn't even know his real name!
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