Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cold Feet & Red Meat

Now, after my taking red meat regularly for over half year, my "cold feet" symptom pretty much disappeared. And these couple of days for the purpose of detoxification I cut off red meat again from my meals, I found my feet started feeling cold again. So I learned this connection almost for certain, that red meat was a necessary ingredient of my meals because they have something to do with my blood circulation or anemia (if cold feet was due such causes).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too Tough to Listen to Our Body?

Many doctors/people suggested or implied that most CFS/ME sufferers were mentally fragile so that they exaggerate their physical conditions. I have found just the opposite: they usually are mentally tough persons. I even tend to believe that their mental toughness is not at all the solution of their illness, as some doctors/people supposed, but one of (important) causes of their illness: their tough minds consciously or unconsciously ignored their physical needs, always push themselves to do things that their bodies cannot really afford to do, so their bodies cannot receive right kind of cares (such as enough rest, right nutritions, etc.) and eventually are no longer able to sustain normal functions.

This is at least 100% true to me and mostly likely true to a few chronic ill persons I know.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Body and Mind (again!)

HappinessImage via WikipediaWhen I mentioned sometime to people that in many cases our physical problems have not much to do with our mental states, I did not mean there is no connection between them (as many people mistakenly understood), instead, the connection is tight: our body has so much power over our mind, and our mind has limited power to our body.
Of course, there are always exceptions.

I further believe, even our intelligence, the way we think, the way we feel, our long last mental peace and our happiness all rely on our physical condition.
Of course, physical health doesn't guarantee our happiness, but our happiness cannot exist without our physical well being.

P.S. I consider "disability" and "chronic illness" (or "disease") two different physical conditions. "Disability" causes inconvenience but "chronic illness" causes suffering. People with disability may mentain healthy mental condition but people with long term illness, who constantly suffer pain or other physical unwellness can hardly stay mentally cheerful.
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