Thursday, November 12, 2009


Since I adopted into this lazy life style, I realized that indeed, I was too stressed before. It seems to me that we just cannot know how stress we were until we are relaxed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy on feeding myself!

From morning till now, still busy with foods.
8:30am: breakfast: two steamed eggs (inside put some tomato, onion, etc.); a bup of coconut milk; a small bowl of stir fried green beans (purposely cut off starches because newly learned a scientific combination of foods!).
but these food only subsist my body till 10am! I had to eat another breakfast! a small bowl of oatmeal; a piece of bread, a glass of milk (mixed protein and starch! a violation of scientific food combination! but i was so hungry to care about science!).
Ok, two breakfast! already ate like pig! but only a little after 11am, I was hungry again. I had to eat again! around 12, i had a small brown rice (it was in refrigerator for several days. not fresh!); two small piece of salmon; 8 shrinps (medium small size); a little vegetable salad. And my body still felt not enough so I had a cup of protein shake.
I thought this should be enough, but, 20 minutes after I sat down I felt hungrey again! Now I am preparing for a piece of steak!
What's problem with it? The answer right now is: even though I have kept feeding my body, I have not give what it really needs. But what does my body really need? dinosaur meat? I can't find!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learn to rest: doing nothing!

Next to nothingnessImage by the grey sky morning via Flickr

It has been not easy for me to do this: doing nothing! I started to wonder that this might be the primary reason that I have been chronis ill. My body never really got rest and my nervous systems never been able to get balance.
I used to believe that I had a tireless brain and it had to be always busy with something. Now, my body says no and it overpowered my brain.
Something different happened: satisfaction --- or laziness in another word. I started to feel satisfied about lots of things and I am fine with not being able to do things. Finally I am lazy and I am fine with it! I believe that by a mental condition like this, my body would be finally relaxed, and then it would find a way to recover ifself, without any interfering of my mind.

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