Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is It Placebo Effect?

In a Chinese forum I was asked how I was sure that the effectiveness of Padma Basic (along with several other herbs I mentioned) on me was not placebo effect. My answer was simple: I was skeptical from the beginning.

I don't have a lot of knowledge about placebo effect, but I suppose it has to be based upon patients' belief in treatments. I was ill for years and I had been disbelieving - or at least doubt - all medicines and herbs, and put all my hope almost completely on diet and rest. I did very good job on this account because in more than 2 years I was recovered up to 70% (from 30%!). But I found diet alone was not enough (I am a lousy cook and the last place I like to stay is kitchen), so I decided to open up my mind again, started to take several herbs since last summer. "Magically" I found tangible positive effects of a few herbs which I tried years ago but did not find them effective (Later I realized the reason that the herbs did not work years ago was because I was in such serious trouble that only diet could help). This time, an online friend recommended this Padma Basic to me, I decided to try because I found after a full year effort on diet and herbs, my health condition was still stuck on 70-80% level. The result is absolutely stunning: I found I was able to do things that I could not do for more than 5 years!

Having said all of these, I still believe in lifestyle is the most crucial. I would doubt that Padma Basic would work the same way like this if I took it 5 years ago. But you never know until you try!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Padma Basic - Panacea?

It's been a full month since I took Padma Basic, and my health condition completely changed. This is quite amazing, as I believe more in lifestyle than just one single remedy.

Prior to my taking this product, my health condition was overall up to 70%, and my root problem - shortness breath still occurred frequently, especially after I taught classes, when I had to talk a lot. Padma Basic seemed to stop this problem almost "right away". Not only that, my overall condition has been elevated to a brand new level (up to 90% without any crash).

Padma is supposed to be effective for cardiovascular problem. I am certain benefited from that, as heart problem has been my number one "foe" for all these years. However, it seems that what Padma does to me the most is "balancing". I eat the same foods, do the same amount of work, but my energy increased. Where does it (my energy) come from? "A balanced system", that's my answer. Padma helps my body to put all the unconnected "pieces" together, so my body works more effectively. As matter of fact, after taking Padma, when I went to sleep at nights, I literally felt a harmony/peace that I had not felt for ages.

I've tried many herbs since last year summer, most of them worked well in different way, but comparing to Padma, they seems to be more or less temporary and partial. As the friend how recommended Padma to me said, there is no panacea, but if there is one, Padma is the closest we can get.

Many times during past years I have said I was up to 80% and on the way to fully recover, but soon I was proven wrong. This time, I have reasons to believe it is true.

As a "lifestyle believer", I will still keep focusing on my daily routine - foods, sleep and exercise. I believe no matter how effective Padma is, it won't work as well without good lifestyle. Health progress is a combined effort, that's what I still believe.

I still have lots of problems, but after being sick for so long, I learned to be patient. :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Health Chart

Just created this health chart by using google spreadsheet! It shows my health level (or energy level) since my teenage years. Thing is, I've never been truly healthy since 14, and started having serious trouble after I reached 30 (the year I came to this country), and most years of 40s were definitely in the lowest pit. 
Now, I may not be ambitious/greedy to reach 120%, but my realistic goal is to reach 110% in near future!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Padma Basic

It works for me!
The date I started to take was 09/27/2014.