Friday, August 12, 2011

Donut Peach

I found this "donut peaches" taste exactly the same as one type of peaches from my home town, except the shape is different. They are truly the best peaches in the world!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delicious Discovery

Moon cakeImage via WikipediaSoon it will be Full Moon Festival, a holiday celebrated in China by eating "Moon Cake" (and watching full moon at night, better with some romantic companies, of course). I was in Chinese grocery store yesterday and found there were many kinds of moon cakes already. What's even better was I found my favorite one: Five Nuts. I bought two boxes (each boxes contains 6 of them, each of them is quite small size but elegantly made) and tried some already. My God! It tasted good!

For long time I stopped the "hobby" of having snacks. And I was learned (where? healthy magazines?) that most snacks were not healthy. So for years I had been keeping myself in very "healthy" diet" which eventually brought me into big trouble. Now, time to get my life back!

This 5 nuts moon cake is best to go with tea!
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Up Climbing Health

2010 Northern Hemisphere summer heat waveImage via Wikipedia
For couple weeks I have been feeling quite differently from before. I do not feel much "risky" when I have to work a little harder, and light exercises never brought me problems.
A couple of days ago I quickly caught a fever but quickly I recovered. It was said that a cold or fever sometime is a process of detoxification that your body does for itself. Not sure if it's true but this time, after recovering from fever, I feel pretty good, even a little better than before the fever.

Now, with a condition I could exercise almost everyday, I feel I am on the way back to my normal.

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