Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to "kill" parasites!

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After more than 5 months "natural" diet I put another several pounds on my body, but my energy is getting much better so it's "Ok". However, I started to have muscle pain and extreme tiredness (different from my major symptom such as heart and breath problems which I have not suffered for 5 months), and my experience told me this typical CFS symptom usually caused by my over-grown parasites (especially yeast. As I gained weight those parasites also grew). I used to "kill" those parasites by vegetarian diet, plus reduced carbs intake. Massive amount of water with some lemon works well too.

I have been doing the cleansing for several days and the change is discernible! I knew this treatment long time ago and it worked wonderfully couple of time, unfortunately I either had other issues going on or, I overdid it, so my symptoms came and went. This time I hope I do it in a moderate level and pay more attention to my body's needs. Hope it will work better and bring me out of trap eventually.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Between the Best and the Worst

Having not suffered any major relapses and crashes for about 5 months, I feel very grateful. However, my energy is still not enough. I say I am about 50% of myself, in between my best and the worst.
Diet is still my priority and it affects my sleep directly. Keep myself away from computer is also important. I should avoid any heavy exercise and at the same time, avoid sitting still.
I expect some essential change this spring, but I cannot predict future, of course.