Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing Progress!

Since 18th of this month, my health has been climbing up again, by the "speed of light"!

April 18th is a date that I will not forget, because it is my birthday. What did I do on my birthday? Cutting off white rice, a typical acid food that made my stomach upset almost every night! Of course, rice was not the only cause, all the acid foods I took together made my stomach very sick. However, I was not able to cut off red meat, because if I did, I would feel extremely weak, and the weakness would inevitably trigger my heart symptom. So for longtime I struggled between diet with and without red meat, either way caused me trouble. Just recently I learned that steam bread - a main course that eaten by northern Chinese people, is as matter of fact "alkaline", even though it was made by white wheat. And my stomach did feel very good every time when I eat steam bread.  So I suddenly realized that I could change my main course. And I did, on April 18th, first time in my life I ate like northern Chinese "barbarians" - steam bread all the way! The result was a magic (no doubt they beat up southerners all the time!): the same night I had first non stopped sleep since longtime! And I did the same thing the second day, then another good night sleep followed.

The reason that steam bread give me good sleep is, I think, that its alkalinity neutralized the acidity in the red meat that I ate.

For the third day after I ate steam bread, my stomach started feeling for potatoes. So I boiled some potatoes (with skins), ate it as main course, the result is just wonderful (seems better than steam bread).

I do eat lots of vegs. I know raw vegs would be the best choice but my stomach cannot handle raw stuffs, so I made salad by half boiled vegs (lots of squashes), it works well.

Before April 18th, the date that I changed my main course, my energy level was about 40% - 50%, now, only a week, I am at 75% - 80%  (feels like 85%).

What's even better? I am losing weight!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life on the mend

Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After a serious relapse which lasted almost two months (February and March), I am getting better this month. The symptom mostly was my heart malfunction, it immobilized my body for the most of February and part of March. The second symptom was stomach weakness which prevent me to get enough nutrition, and consequently affect my heart's recovery.

I did terrific in the second half of last year and I thought I was on the way out of trouble. What triggered this major attack? By looking back, my answers again, is "multiple causes": The first one I would think was my thinking/writing hobby, which made my body lacked exercises, hence my heart suffered; the second cause I would say it was "coffee". I drank 2- 3 cups of coffee almost every afternoon last year. It overburdened my heart. After these two, there were some other trivial ones, like diet, rest, etc.

Lesson learned again in a tough way. I was demanded to change my lifestyle: thinking/writing as less as possible, engaging in physical activities as much as I could (the problem is that I could not do "too much" physical activities either - right amount of physical activities is beneficial, too much would be the worst nightmare, and the line in between is almost "invisible"!). This pretty much means to change my personality. But I have no choices. Without a healthy body, I could not enjoy my colorful mind. So while my body is on the mend, i hope my life is also on the mend.
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