Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tobacco Trail - My Heavenly Free "Gymnasium" (3)

I live only 2 miles from this trail, but just discovered it very recently. What a shame! I took bunches of pictures ( I simply could not stop taking pictures of those stunning looking trees!). Considering I come from a country where people don't have chance to get so close to nature, this is quite overwhelming to me. For longtime, walking around neighborhood has been already very enjoyable, but walking on this trail where I could feel more "intimacy" with nature, is just a joy beyond "ordinary"! 

Tobacco Trail - My Heavenly Free "Gymnasium" (2)

I mentioned ATT (American Tobacco Trail) in my previous post. Since then I almost go there everyday. I also cannot believe I have been lived so close to this trail for over 5 years but just found it out by now.
  Today I went another station which is just about 2 miles from my house. This part of ATT is paved road, feels nicer to walk.

The trees are so tall and straight up on both side of road. On left side they were completely in shadow, but the right side they were captured by bright sunshine.