Monday, August 27, 2012

Journey of Up-climbing

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For quite a while I have not written anything, both English and Chinese. My health condition is drawing my full attention - I am experiencing some crucial changes inside my body - for good.

During my past a few years every major relapse marked by my serious cardiovascular symptoms, such as frequent heart irregular beating, shortness of breath. During this period of time, I was totally dragged down to the bottom, had tremendous difficult to move (bedridden). The journey of recovery usually started from "ceaseless" hungry and I had to eat a lot to satisfy my stomach. This fact convinced me that my worst symptoms - cardio - were caused by severe lack of nutrition, especially protein. The fact was, after I "feasted" for a while, my hunger disappeared and my heart became normal. Years ago I considered this hunger symptom as "illness" and tried very hard to fight against it, the result was worse.

My second step on recovery was detoxification. After "feast" my body got a little stronger, so those parasites live together with me. I learned after all these years hard lessons that there are two ways to do this: diet and exercise. However, since I had serious nutrition deficiency, the diet alone not only won't work, it would cause me worse trouble: my body cells could not receive nutrition they need so it could not rebuild themselves. So, exercise is a choice. But I had to be very careful, because overdoing does harm too.

Maybe, the last step would be exercise combining with diet, to do thorough detoxification. Again, I will need to be careful with this step, not overdo with both exercise and veg diet.

I am currently on the second step. After gaining some extra weight for over two years, I am terribly unfit and need lots of exercise.

Also, as my energy climbing up, I am able to do some serious house cleaning (still only maximum about couple of hours a day). Since my last relapse (February) I have not do much house cleaning. I found my dirty kitchen also is a major toxic source for my body.

Overall, I am in progress. And I am very happy that I am in control of this progress.
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