Sunday, November 20, 2011

Regarding "Diet", Humans Are "Opportunistic"

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By John McArdle, Ph.D.:
I really like this part: "They are basically *opportunistic* feeders (survive by eating what is available) with more generalized anatomical and physiological traits, especially the dentition (teeth). All the available evidence indicates that the natural human diet is omnivorous and would include meat. We are not, however, required to consume animal protein. We have a choice."
However, I tend to believe we only have a choice as a "whole" (humans), individually speaking, some are more adapt to these or those (carnivores, herbivores, frugivores, etc.) and a counter account:

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is "Homemade" Food Really Healthier Than Restaurant Food?

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I guess the answer is "yes", if you have a wonderful mother or partner who can cook "professionally", or, if you are a good cook yourself. If not, I think sticking on your own food might do more harm than good to your health.

In my experience, getting take-out foods from restaurants really is one of reasons that helped me tremendously on my health recovering. The reason is simple: since I can only be that much "creative" by myself, eating my own boring food everyday really could not supply all nutrition my body needs.

Recalling my past years, my diet had been never good but "Ok" until 2009, when I stopped almost completely eating outside of my house (because that's the time I started working at home). Back then I learned a "scientific" common sense that eating at home was always better than the junk foods from restaurant. So I started cooking myself everyday. However the truth turned out just opposite: after I mentally completely settled in peace, my physical health which was supposed to be on progress just went down, all the way down to the bottom. Finally, after my last serious relapse, which was summer 2010, I "woke up" from my false "belief" on some sort of healthy diet structure, and gradually realized that my own foods were the primary reason of my illness. So while I improved my "homemade" foods, I also started getting take-out foods from restaurant regularly, just give myself some alternatives on the taste and nutrition. Since then, my health started climbing up, from 20-30% of energy level to now, over 90% everyday.

Food, or diet, really is the last piece of the puzzle of my chronic health problem. I knew food was important many years ago but I did not really know what's exactly I missed until a little over a year ago. What I really learned? 1: listen to my body instead of listen to "professional". But of course, I do not mean "absolutely"; 2: diversity. Never stick on just one type of foods for too long; 3, health care is a personal thing, so is diet. It is up to everybody him/herself to find out what's the best.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


SANDHAMN, SWEDEN - JUNE 15:  Ericsson 3 races ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI have been feeling pretty well for a while and this morning, I do feel 100%!

My last serious relapse happened one year and 2 months ago (August 2010). Since then, I believed that I found the "last" cause for my problems and believed that I would be on a right path to get well and it's only the matter of time. Looking back, I was right. I reached 80% over half year ago, reached 90% about half month ago (after I equipped with vitamins). And this moment, I do feel completely 100%. I have not felt like this for years!

I know I would not be feeling like this 24 hours a day 7 days a week straight from now on, but this is a milestone on my recovery. It proves that I am on the right path and I only need to hold on tight, continue to do what I have been doing, and eventually, even better than that "original" me - the person who always got sick sine very young.

Yes, I feel very happy and I do also believe, that the true happiness would not be possible without a good health.
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