Monday, September 26, 2011

Tobacco Trail - My Heavenly Free "Gymnasium" (1)

 I went to Tobacco Trail this afternoon to have a walk, and I had a wonderful time with nature!
It is a trail made for biking. This station is only 2 and half mile away from where I live. Since I still feel riding bicycle would be too much to me, I decided to go there for walk.
I am glad I did! It was so beautiful! However I still wish soon I could ride bike so I could go further.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vitamin Supplements

The Vitamin ShoppeImage by Haydn Blackey via FlickrSince my last relapse (about one year ago), I have not been taking much vitamins. During recent over half years I absolutely took none. The reason is that since I carefully worked on my diet, I found the improvement made by foods were much more "tangible" than by vitamins. And this made me doubt the effects of vitamin. Of course I trust science and believe those elements are necessary but I was just not sure how well it works for my special condition. However, the recent several month my improvement was slow. I have been stopped in my 80% - 90%. So I wondered again. I suppose the diversity of foods is still not enough and vitamins might be needed.

Another symptom made me felt quite certain about my lack of calcium was arthritis on my figures (I had terrible arthritis symptom all over my body in this early spring, but later other parts were all fine except my left hand). I could not make a fist by my left hand, especially when I got up in the morning. So, I decided to "arm" myself with two supplements: calcium and multi-vitamin.

I bought liquid calcium and multivitamin in softgel form (liquid and softgel are supposed to be easier to absorb). I got them from Vitamin Shoppe (I like their quality of products and reasonable price. So highly recommended).
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pork Leg Bone Soup

I found "pork leg bone soup" is extremely health! Lots of calcium and other nutrition factors. And it's so easy to digest.
I was feeling quite fatigue several days ago but this soup changed my energy level almost immediately. This was also because I felt I wanted this soup! My body was telling me what it wanted (and this made things so easy!).
This soup as matter of fact is popular among Chinese people (that's why I can only get it from Chinese supermarket), but somehow I did not make it often before. Now I acknowledged its "power" and will make sure to include it in my regular diet.
I learned several "tricks" to cook this soup:
1. cook it for hours until it turns white;
2. after water was boiled put some sliced ginger roots and little vinegar (vinegar can make calcium dissolved quite thoroughly into soup).
3. right before the water was boiling, clean those floating stained stuffs carefully to make the soup clean.