Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Body pain and depression

Here is a story about "Body pain and depression" :
One day one of my friends who suffers depression told me that she woke up with body pain --- "a typical sign of depression". I didn't pay much attention until one morning I myself woke up with body pain. And later I realized that I had this synptome longtime ago and the reason for that was my bed, not depression! Here is why: during winter, the cold air would invade into your body if you don't put enough pads on top of your bed (not on top of you body). This is actually a common sense in China since Chinese people didn't have heater during winter. So, the second night I just put extra blanks on my bed and you know what? Body pain was gone! So I told my friend and she did the same thing and enjoyed the same positive outcome.
The reason I share this story is: a lot of times when people suffer from unknow diseases, they would be easily told that it was due to their mental issues, but I believe the truth is, in the cases like chronic fatigue syndrome, physical problems usually play a bigger role.

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