Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chinese medicine vs. modern medicine

Just read an article about Chinese medicine practice in North America.
It was about a 10 years anniversary party for a Chinese medicine practitioner Tongnina Zhuo, in Canada. The party drew quite a big attention not only to his friends, but also several news reporters from major medias. Even prime minister of Canada and governor of province were in the list who sent him congrats cards. About total over 300 people came to the party.

Chinese medicine practice in North America never be accepted by mainstream. The author of the article asked the Chinese doctor about how he could have such influence, his answer was very simple: he cured many patients.

Here is a quote from the article:
Chinese medicine can let you live without a reasonable clue; modern medicine can let you die with many (scientific) reasons.

I believe in science, also I believe there are truths behind seemingly superstitious Chinese medicine. I also believe in future, many magic phenomenons of Chinese medicine would be demystified by science.

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