Monday, August 16, 2010

Ginger warmed my stomach!

Cross-section of a relatively young ginger root

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I had a "hunger" problem once a while: if I didn't eat enough, or sometime even I ate enough, I felt so hungry that I had to keep eating. Someone would suggest it was caused by depression. I simply don't buy that.
By Chinese medicine, "coldness" is a real killer of your health. We need to keep certain temperature inside our body. My problem was "diagnosed" (I quote some Chinese doctors from online so it is not as professional so I put quotation mark:-)) as "Stomach Coldness", which sounds a little crazy, I know. However I was not sure about that until recently, one night my hunger symptoms occurred again. I frantically sought something to eat, and accidentally put some ginger to my oatmeal. I felt suddenly so good when I ate it, and immediately realized that my body liked ginger at the moment. So I ate some more and my hunger feeling just finally disappeared.
After this incident, I purposely ate more gingers especially when I felt my stomach felt uncomfortable (after I ate regularly) , it seemed that my problem has been taken cared of (and I could finally stop gaining weight! God!).
I realized that because of the "coldness" inside me, inside my stomach, my body was keeping in need of something to get heat, so I kept feeling hungry. And because ginger is something can generate heat inside our body, it finally warmed up my stomach, and stopped my hunger.
Now I accepted this theory about "stomach coldness". It makes total sense to me.

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  1. I have found that ginger tea both hot and cold will settle my stomach ailments and is particularly effective when it comes to combating nausea.

    It's also effective when it comes to reducing inflamation and as a fibromylalgia sufferer and I also have irritable bowel syndrome I cgoose to consume samll amounts every 2 - 3 days in order to keep inflamation at bay.

    Did you know that in a study of 261 people with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, those who received a ginger extract twice daily experienced less pain and required fewer pain-killing medications compared to those who received placebo?

    Although a few studies have shown a benefit of ginger for arthritis, one trial found that the herb was no more effective than ibuprofen or placebo in reducing symptoms.

    I'm so happy I discovered that I can use ginger because I cannot take pharmaceutical drugs. I have multiple sensitivities and multiple allergies too.

    Love and peace,

  2. Thanks TT! Lots of good information.
    I didn't know ginger is good for osteoarthritis. I have knee pain on both legs so I may increase my ginger intake.

  3. I like this idea-that coldness is bad for one's health. I've always disliked coldness, in terms of human relations as well as the weather.

  4. Thanks NP. Yes, my health problem had everything to do with "coldness"...

  5. Hello again Yun Yi. For dosage of ginger for osteoarthritis and more information see here >

  6. Ginger for osteoarthritis! And to think that I'm using ginger tea to lower my blood glucose. That therefore are two birds in one shot. Love this post. Thanks!