Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to "kill" parasites!

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After more than 5 months "natural" diet I put another several pounds on my body, but my energy is getting much better so it's "Ok". However, I started to have muscle pain and extreme tiredness (different from my major symptom such as heart and breath problems which I have not suffered for 5 months), and my experience told me this typical CFS symptom usually caused by my over-grown parasites (especially yeast. As I gained weight those parasites also grew). I used to "kill" those parasites by vegetarian diet, plus reduced carbs intake. Massive amount of water with some lemon works well too.

I have been doing the cleansing for several days and the change is discernible! I knew this treatment long time ago and it worked wonderfully couple of time, unfortunately I either had other issues going on or, I overdid it, so my symptoms came and went. This time I hope I do it in a moderate level and pay more attention to my body's needs. Hope it will work better and bring me out of trap eventually.

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  1. I feel your pain. I believe I have CFS, my doctor started to tell me, and I told him just don't say it. It is a garbage can for a lot of symtpoms with no known cause or cure. He stopped talking as I cried. But the good news is I have tried Coravelen, D-Ribose, it is a sugar, Tonalen 1000, these are capsules, and I added a protein mix. Glutamine helps also. I am still working on the right combination of these. The important thing to know is these items transport the energy in your system. The protein drink also transports energy, and build muscle. I don't know if I can publish this or not. So I won't go any further. I am so glad to know of your blog. thank you, Karen

  2. Well it looks like it published. I noticed that you are suffering from the lack of energy, and I found these items helped me, they may help you as well. Take Care, Karen

  3. Thanks Keran! I hope you get better.

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