Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delicious Discovery

Moon cakeImage via WikipediaSoon it will be Full Moon Festival, a holiday celebrated in China by eating "Moon Cake" (and watching full moon at night, better with some romantic companies, of course). I was in Chinese grocery store yesterday and found there were many kinds of moon cakes already. What's even better was I found my favorite one: Five Nuts. I bought two boxes (each boxes contains 6 of them, each of them is quite small size but elegantly made) and tried some already. My God! It tasted good!

For long time I stopped the "hobby" of having snacks. And I was learned (where? healthy magazines?) that most snacks were not healthy. So for years I had been keeping myself in very "healthy" diet" which eventually brought me into big trouble. Now, time to get my life back!

This 5 nuts moon cake is best to go with tea!
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