Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tobacco Trail - My Heavenly Free "Gymnasium" (3)

I live only 2 miles from this trail, but just discovered it very recently. What a shame! I took bunches of pictures ( I simply could not stop taking pictures of those stunning looking trees!). Considering I come from a country where people don't have chance to get so close to nature, this is quite overwhelming to me. For longtime, walking around neighborhood has been already very enjoyable, but walking on this trail where I could feel more "intimacy" with nature, is just a joy beyond "ordinary"! 


  1. Beautiful, yunyi. We have many similar trails here, in fact we're surrounded by them. Wonderful places to find beauty, peace and solitude.

  2. Thats superb! it feels so great to be surrounded by greenary. Amazing pics you have got.