Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This morning, I walked around neighborhood about 25 minutes (I thought it was 30 minutes), and came back with perfect heart rate. This is a proof that my heart function has been improved greatly. Also, I have been doing some studio rearrangement these days and sometime I was very tired, then I realized that I could be in big trouble if this condition happen couple of month ago. So I am glad I am much capable of physical work now, even though I still have some other less serious symptoms.


  1. This is great news Yun Yi, do you use a heart rate monitor?

  2. no i don't. i used the word "rate" just to show how normal my heart functioned. sorry about the confuse. 10 years ago i did. but doctors could not find anything wrong. but i realized later that there wasn't anything wrong except my heart function weaker than normal people and my blood circulation was slower. this can be only fixed by exercise. but these years somehow my body has been so weak that i could not exercise.

    thanks upnorth. i am so glad you came by.