Saturday, November 17, 2012

Progress Made By Not "Exercising"

It looks like I have been making some serious progress by NOT EXERCISING. About two week I have not doing any serious walking and biking, and the improvement is discernible. This shows how I cannot use one solution for all - each period of time I need to have different strategy. The exercise since I started biking several months ago seemed to be a little too much. The "heart attack" was a warning. I once doubt it was caused by drinking some wine at night, now I tend to believe it was due to my almost everyday walking or biking. My heart was not ready for that. And I realized, as soon as I quit, my energy increased.
Sleep, foods, are still my priority. Being lazy!


  1. Yes, I too find that if I even walk enough to elevate my heartrate it's crash city.
    I hope a period of rest continues to improve you. Also healthy eating, that seems so important too.

  2. thanks upnorth. eating is probably my first priority for the recent 2 ro 3 years. i work hard on that.

  3. Oh I hope your health improves.

  4. Yun Yi, I have also been the same way but this 2013 is going to change for both of us.
    Its the year to get healthy.

    BTW - Did you really have a heart attack?

    That must have been quite scary.
    : /

  5. Angie,
    Sorry to hear you were also in some kind of condition. I hope this year is good for both of us. I actually have a good start, I have been feeling quite well since the end of last year.
    Yes, I got that heart fast beating on that day. I had similar problem since ever, so I am used to it, but that particular time it just lasted too long. However, I think I found the reason and be very careful since then. I am doing pretty good now.
    Thanks for comment Angie. Take good care.

  6. Thanks Blue Bead! Happy new year!