Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ER Experience

Just spent whole night last night busy with my first ER experience in this country. It was "interesting"! First I went to Duke hospital after 2am this morning. After waiting for over an hour, around 4am this morning, I asked a lady who sat beside me how long she had been waiting, she said she was there since 11pm, and someone was there since 7pm. So I figured that I could not handle this (waiting for this long without a comfortable bed is simply a mission impossible), decided to leave for home.
A while later, since my symptom was not relieved, I called UNC hospital emergency department, and found they was no waiting line at all. I rushed there and got everything taken care of, and came back around 10am this morning. I am grateful, only wish I went to UNC first so I did not have to waste so much time in Duke Hospital.
Hope I could never go back there again!


  1. So are you OK? did they treat you? I thought about going once recently and decided not for the same reason: I was not well enough to sit up in a chair waiting for that long. I hope you are feeling just a little better.

  2. thanks upnorth. i am ok. actually the reason i went to ER was totally acute, not related to my chronic problems at all.
    i hope you are doing well.