Monday, February 16, 2015

85% But Feels Like 90%!

English: Flying Herring Gull with footring on ...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just coming back from 45 minutes walk! It's been amazing! I should not claim that I've recovered 100%, but I am getting close to it bit by bit, steadfastly!

My energy level was lifted up from 60% to 80% since October last year, right after I started to take Padma Basic. For all these 4 and half months, I only had a few minor crashes, which ended in several hours, or maximum one day. Overall, not only I can handle all my daily routine with ease, I also don't get much problems after my weekend classes. I have to give credit to Padma, I believe it provides me so much nutrition that I could not get from diet alone (I am a lousy cook!).

Now, I believe my energy level just reaches 85%, hopefully sometime in this year, I will be at 100% of myself again. And don't forget, my goal is 110% or 120%, because my 100% is not the same as 100% of normal health standard.

Anyway, despite of several symptoms I still have, I do feel my life is on the way back to me!


  1. How important it is to have a reasonable level of energy. This post made me think about it.
    It's good to know your level of energy is better!
    I love the photo of that bird!

    1. Julia, thank you so much for visiting and commenting!
      I had lots of serious symptoms over the past years and it's not exaggerated to say that I didn't have a life. The main reason was my energy crashed down, and a little daily routine task would trigger those symptoms. People with normal health would not feel too much energy level change, as "normal" means one can freely use energy, and sleep and diet would restore it regularly. However, people with chronic problems more or less have energy issue. For me, it is root problem. I am very excited with my on going recovering this several months.
      thanks again!

    2. I like that photo too! Wish I could fly like that. My next life may be. :-)

    3. Julia, I actually believe energy level is benchmark of our health. A person with more energy is healthier than the one that has less. And death is energy completely running out.

    4. Yes, you are right.
      I've had some anxiety and depressive states of mind that sapped my energy but I've been working on them and I feel better now, but these are chronic conditions that need to be taken care of on a regular basis.
      Working on something creative makes me feel like that bird!
      Keep us posted on your recovery!

    5. Sorry Julia you had some anxiety and depression, but glad you feel better now. I too had both of them during my course of life. I am generally a positive person but recent years of physical health breaking down did give me tremendous challenge, both physically and mentally. Yes, I too feel creativity has been the best remedy! :-)