Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finally I Feel Bored!

English: A bored person
English: A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My physical condition has been going upward quite amazingly since last fall. By far, I say I've reached a solid 90% of my energy level. What a achievement! However, recently, I found I often felt a bit empty and bored. Am I upset by that? No, because having been struggling with body health for so long, I know this is good sign, which means I am having EXTRA ENERGY.

During my past years lots of people believed that my physical health problems were caused by my "lonely life", or lack of activities. But the truth is, I had no time to feel lonely or bored during all the past years because I was so mentally fully occupied with my physical problems. Only starting from very recently, when I am physically feeling well, I start having this "luxurious" or "metaphysical" mental issue: feeling bored and occasionally even a bit lonely. Ironic, isn't it? And while I am feeling bored I also feel quite happy, by acknowledging that I am finally "normal" again!


  1. So true, yunyi, and ironic as you say. A person with a toothache never feels bored. Their whole consciousness is preoccupied with their pain. It's only healthy people who have time to wonder what they might be missing out in life.

    1. thanks marty! the advantage of being so sick for so long is i can be happy even when i am bored.