Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hot foot bath works for me!

Ashiyu (Foot Bath)Image by jmurawski via Flickr

I have been doing hot foot bath for about 2 months. First I soak my feet in a bucket full of hot water. After water gets cold I add more hot water so my feet always feel very hot. I usually do it for about 20 minutes (it is said that doing it for half hour to 40 minutes is the best) and after that my body feel very relaxed.
It really helps my sleep! I highly recommend this method to those who have trouble to sleep and whoever's feet are always cold.
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  1. I can't go on commenting like this Yunyi, people will talk! The syndrome you describe has been around a long time with different names. It is serious, but you seem to have it under control now. People do not help do they. Better to be alone, busy, able to work things out without the help of the great majority who, after all, are not only incapable of understanding much, but have to work too much just to survive. I am not blaming them, modern society is neither designed by NOR FOR those of less than average self-obsession. If it's not right where you are then GET THE HELL OUT! As soon as possible.

  2. let people talk! lol

    "modern society is neither designed by NOR FOR those of less than average self-obsession."
    well said! i am already a hermit. maybe all i need are eight cats!

  3. Do you have space around that is not overwhelmed by people and their filthy vehicles? If so I suggest you kidnap a pregnant cat that nobody wants (preferably) lock it indoors until it sees there is food everyday, and put an old blanket on your bed. One day the cat will come in being especially friendly, perhaps crying a bit. By midnight you will have 4-6 wonderful little kittens. They will immediately find a little nozzle to suck, Mummy will eat all the afterbirth, and you will witness and enjoy true happiness. Believe me, I know.

  4. lol! sounds great! i will try it one day:-)

  5. Hi Yunyi, I have been looking through your blogs and am liking them :) It is cold here in the u.k @ the moment and you always end up feeling it on your feet and then it rises through your body Brrrr.

    I notice after a foot bath your whole body feels so amazing. Its like you feet are saying thankyou lol.

  6. hi claza, thanks for visitin.
    never been UK but i know how cold it is from books and movies. and i am really glad that you are trying hot foot bath. keep your feet warm during winter up there at "wuthering heights".

  7. A comment from here just popped up in my emails. Please let me know how you are getting on. I have 18 cats now, but only 4 of them were born at my place. Take care, Bob