Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our body's self-regulatory function

I had not quite believed the health effects of meditation, Qi Gong, yoga or other similar motionless "exercises" before. However, recently I started to change my mind. I have realized that the body actually has a major self-regulatory function, and these type of exercises (motionless) are able to let this function to work at its best.
I roughly understand that this function is mastered by our autonomic nervous system. However when we are thinking or learning something, information keeps coming into our mind (nervous system) and interfers with this system, thus it cannot work much for our inner body needs. The busier our brains are with external information, the less our body's self-regulatory function succeeds. That's why people with high anxiety or stress would suffer considerable degree of body exhaustion. Meditation, yoga or other breathing techniques can block external information's coming in by forcing our brain to rest, thus the autonomic nervous system can work full time on self-regulation.


  1. I feel almost qualified to disagree Yunyi. Surly it's not the degree of mental activity that matters, but the quality of it. If it is accompanied by tension, worry, fear etc. it is, I believe, (Dr.Awsom is not a REAL doctor) capable of disturbing physical processes. (causing ulcers is apparently a myth)

    'Motionless exercise' ? Old-fashioned idiots like me used to call this 'rest' I have had the great fortune of being shit-poor most of my life - unable to afford yoga lessons, (even free) prescription drugs, health-food rubbish, fraudulent 'additives', books about living properly, etc etc. In the last 6 years I have been blessed with about $13 a day for everything (as in the bloody lot!), I live in fear of eviction and failing health about 2000 miles from family and friends, but GUESS WHAT - I have never been healthier or more relaxed in all my god-less life. Have hope Yunyi, and keep posting.

  2. thanks dr. Awesom!
    glad to know you are healthy and godless!
    yes, let's keep hope!