Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My health update

I have been taking some Chinese herbal medicine for about one week. Feels a little better.
I knew this doctor from a Chinese health forum. He gave me free advices and diagnosed me based on my detailed message through internet. What he said convinced me so I got herbal from New York China Town and cook it everyday carefully.
One thing dismays me: I cannot do almost any exercise (however the fact is I could not exercise for very long time)! Based on this doctor, I don't have enough stored energy to use, so I should not sweat! This is very tough to me because I hate to gain weight! I have already gain weight during these months and now it looks like I have to just let it go! But again, I believe what this doctor said, because during these couple of years almost every major relapses were due to my over-exercise!
So, I will watch myself gaining some extra pounds!

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