Sunday, January 31, 2010

Magic ginger and hot foot bath

GingerImage by FotoosVanRobin via Flickr

My health has been stable for a while. Not at all at my best, but I got some energy to handle my daily life.
What's new in my diet? Ginger! Based on Chinese medicine and my own experience, "coldness" in your body does lots of bad things, and ginger, as a herb also a veg, can magically make your body to generate heat, thus increases blood circulation and improve metabolism. So I put lots of ginger in my food, stir fry or soup.
Here is how I make my soup, very easy: put sliced ginger in pot, add water, little veg oil if you like, salt, then boil it. Sometime I would add sliced tofu too. After water boiled, put some green vegs you like, such as spinach, cabbage or whatever. Less than 30 seconds after that the soup should be done.

And of course, I am continuing my hot foot bath, every night. It does help my sleep!

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