Thursday, February 25, 2010

An anonymous Chinese doctor online

老中医Image by ComerZhao via Flickr

I had bad fall last year. Out of desperation, I went online looking for help a lot. At the end of last year, a Chinese doctor I met on an online health forum started to take care of me amazingly: after given a detail email about my health history, he gave me a Chinese herbal prescription, and changed it once a while after my health problems changed. Now I am in the third prescription he gave me.
I knew him after I joined a debate about Chinese and Western medicine. This doctor's opinion drew my attention and soon I sent him an email with some questions. Then he asked me to write him a detailed message about my health. And after that, I finally felt like under some professional care! What amazed me was not only I wrote him often, but he also asked me often if he didn't hear from me. He is very confident about what he is doing.
And you know what? I didn't even know his real name!
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  1. What a sweet, caring person! I had a similar experience with a doctor in NYC when my daughter was experiencing some health problems. In gratitude I sent him a bottle of champagne.

  2. i know! i am just lucky! i should find out his address to show some appreciation.

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