Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter, a time to "store"

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Based on Chinese medicine, the function of human body follows the nature. So we should do differently during different seasons.

Now is winter, we should rest. Do not do too much exercise because winter is the time to store our energy.
Since I was suffering tremendous fatigue last fall, this anonymous Chinese doctor I met online asked me NOT to do any exercise until spring. I followed his advice. All these couple of months I have been doing is rest, massive amount of rest. Yes I gained some weight (which I hate), but my energy is coming back!

I don't know if this sounds superstitious to someone or not, but I believe our human is part of nature. So there is nothing wrong to follow the mother Nature.
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  2. Interesting! I have never heard of it that way. Perhaps there is a time for all things and order in the Universe. Just like the animals that hibernate during winter. Shouldn't we do the same?

  3. Yunyi, I am so relieved that you have found energy returning. It was perhaps important that you were able to feel that there existed a natural wisdom in resting over the cold months, and if the effect was beneficial it was good advice. The reasons given for this effect may be true or false - but the body knows little about reasons, even if the mind looks for them when it would be better off not asking!! Do drop by with news if you feel like it. Go well, Bob

  4. I think there is alot of truth in this. Its a shame the commitments of society dont allow for us to rest a well as we should.

  5. @Claza, I am afraid it may be people's commitment to greed, not society that is preventing them from resting enough. You only have to look at the way society seems to be going to realize what kind of 'commitment' is being made to it!

    By the way, the view from the Panorama Bar is almost as beautiful as the one from the Panorama Bar next door to me on Corfu. Well, I had to say something nice. Good luck, and don't work too hard......

  6. Yep, I have to agree, greed has a part in alot of problems in society.

    Haha, well thanx for checking by my Panorama blog Bob :D

    *feet up n day dreaming*

  7. thank you all for the comments. i think you both are right about the commitments of society or to greed. but maybe greed is a deeper root for human's behavior.
    well, spring is here. what should we do for this season?