Saturday, March 20, 2010

Simple, healthy salad again!

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Today I enjoyed my own homemade salad first time in several months.

During my years' struggling with CFS, twice my "sudden recovery" had something to do with salad, and both of them happened in Spring.
The first time was 2005 spring. I was advised to eat salad by a guy who was helping me with yoga and other exercises. he believed that I had something called "yeast related syndrome". Later I learned that it was very true to me and most chronic illnesses/tiredness really have lots to do with this "yeast" - a natural parasites live inside our bodies. Some allergists discovered this phenomenon and they believed that when yeasts overgrown, they would stress our immune system, and we would physically be weaker and weaker because our immune systems get so busy to deal with yeasts. So killing yeasts would be a effective way to cure fatigue or other problems.
One effective way to kill them is stopping feeding them by eliminate the foods that yeasts like. It was believed by most researchers or allergists that, suger, processed flour, oily foods are yeasts' favorite foods, and healthy vegs especially raw vegs are their "enemies".
So I took advice and started salad diet. The effects were immediate. The first time I was feeling healthy during part of 2005 and almost whole 2006. Last year, I started in later February, and it worked perfect as well. However, I overdid last year. I ate salad and fishes only for about 4 months. It produced some opposite overcome --- lack of nutrition. So later I had to quite eat any cold and raw foods otherwise my stomach would feel upset.
Interesting thing is, many Chinese people used to eat cooked foods and they just don't like salad. I personally cannot eat salad all the time. By Chinese medicine, raw / cold foods are not good to stomach especially if your stomach is weak. This is true to me especially after last year's experience. However, I understand that western people grow up in different foods stype and they used to eat salad completely so they would have no problem at all with it.

Now spring is here, after a whole winter's energy store, I feel like eating salad and killing yeasts again:-)

The salad I made by myself is simple:
Lettuce, a little sliced red onion, cucumber, and some walnuts (or any other vegs, but onion for me has to be little bit and very thin sliced). I don't use dressing from market. All I had is some minced ginger and garlic (ginger produces heat so it is important to have when we make raw and cold foods, garlic can do cleansing of course) , a little sesame oil, some olive oil, very little salt and some vinegar. That's it.

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