Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring - sleep early, wake up early

Yellow Emperor, one of the mythical Five Sover...Image via Wikipedia

So what should we do in spring? Here is the quot from the best known Chinese medicine book "
Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon": "lying at night and get up early, walk around the court"* ("court" means "outside" here, not "courtroom". of course)
By Chinese medicine, spring is the time that our positive energy start to grow, just like the nature. So if during winter we should sleep early and wake up later in order to store our energy, during spring, we should sleep early, wake up early --- get to outside and follow up the rhythm of nature. Also, we would feel more sleepy in spring but, Chinese medicine theory insists that do not sleep too much even you feel like (so what about "listen to our body"? ).
Light exercises (and sex?) are definitely encouraged.

Interesting thing is, by Chinese medicine, each internal organ belong to different season. Liver belongs to spring. The function of liver controls our temperament ( i.e. an easily irritated person is supposed to have some sort of liver malfunction). It is also said that based on records of history that most liver diseases occurred during spring. So, during spring, we should be extra careful with our temper: do not get too much excitement or anger (excitement by sex won't be counted I guess) .

Superstitious or not, I guess it won't hurt to have a try. I will.

*皇帝内经.Original Chinese text: 夜卧早起,广步于庭.


  1. HI Yunyi. Its funny you should post about this because we have had our first days of spring in the UK and for some reason I have been waking up @ 4 or 5am and feeling really sleepy by 7-8pm. Will have to work on that gentle exercise and sex!

  2. gentle exercise and sex... you got it! lol

  3. you need exercise in morning.Drink morning water before tooth bush.It so good for your body.

  4. WorldmedTourism, you are right. morning water is always good. i heard put honey and lemon works even better.

  5. I always wake up early, but now that warmer weather is here I'm going outside earlier to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies. I go for long walks in the morning and sit in my backyard in the afternoon. But whatever I do, I do it at a leisurely pace.