Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 - my body's victory over my mind

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It's the third day of new year, I got to write something here! I like to put it in brief: The best thing I had in past year is: my stomach was finally liberated from the dictatorship of my mind!

After I was "forced" by my stomach to change my diet back to my "normal" - that means to follow my stomach, NOT so much to follow my mind - which was "armed" with "modern scientific nutriology", I finally stepped out of my worst 2 years' (2009-2010) energy struggle - I am able to do lots of things each day.

Also, I stopped worrying about gaining weight. This stress-free state of mind let my body finally had freedom to "speak out loudly" to my once "despotic brain" about what it wanted! Prior to this point, I always "carefully" and "wisely" chose foods that were "nutritious but less fattening", or the foods that "yeast candida' wouldn't like, or the foods would kill yeast candidas, etc. The consequence was serious - the more purposely I chose foods, the less energy I had and the more sick I was!

Of course, I only speak for myself. I learned that everybody has different health problems with different causes, so everybody does have (and should have) different solution on diet.
For this reason, I doubt that modern medicine could have some good ideas to cope with Chronic fatigue - if it continues standing firmly on its foundation: semiological and mechanical approach toward human. I even doubt that the new discovery of XMRV could do much good about CFS/ME, because it is still a theory/discovery that based on semiological view - and CFS is just NOT about symptoms but our body's inner harmony.

Still, I am not anywhere near my best health condition yet. I am still in the need of much rest and good diet. I don't know how long it will take to make myself in a completely good health but I do see the light.
Meanwhile I will just focus on my each day and each meal.

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  1. Yuni, so glad you're starting to see some recovery. So important to be attuned to one's own body. New aphorism: "When the body speaks, it knows what it's talking about."