Friday, April 8, 2011

Moisture, One Way to Relieve Allegy

Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson)Image via WikipediaI found that certain degree of humidity could relieve my allergy symptom, actually instantly!

During night sleep, sometime I would wake up by sneezing, running nose, etc., but if I turn on my humidifier, soon, probably within a minute, my nose stopped running and I could breath normally again.

This actually makes sense to me. The allergy sources, such as pollen, or dust, would be absorbed by moisture. That's why rain help help people feel better during the season because it washes pollen away.

Now I turn on humidifier even during the day, I tell you, it works!

P.S. Anything I write in blog are "personal experience".

P.S. Just heard that if you use carpet at home, using humidifier is not a good idea. I have wooden floor, which is not problem.
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  1. When my daughter was young she'd constantly get sinus infections in the winter, due to the dry air indoors. The doctor suggested we get a humidifier, and it worked wonders.

  2. thanks np! i did the same thing in winter and it helps my sinus congestion big deal.

  3. I have had the same problem and solved it by adding humidifiers to our rooms!

    It works.

  4. @Greg, I am glad. It certainly works for me too.