Monday, September 26, 2011

Tobacco Trail - My Heavenly Free "Gymnasium" (1)

 I went to Tobacco Trail this afternoon to have a walk, and I had a wonderful time with nature!
It is a trail made for biking. This station is only 2 and half mile away from where I live. Since I still feel riding bicycle would be too much to me, I decided to go there for walk.
I am glad I did! It was so beautiful! However I still wish soon I could ride bike so I could go further.



  1. I've been missing you. I am working on a big contract job and have spent less time outdoors than I usually do. I've also had a shortage of time to blog in as the harvest season meant a lot of work putting up food for the winter yet to come.

    Your photographs are terrific. What a great place to walk or ride a bike. The trees in your free heavenly gymnasium pictures are deciduous trees. Where I live there are primarily conifers. We also have maples and other deciduous trees and autumn is here and they are displaying glorious colorful leaves.

    Riding a bicycle is too much for me, given my state of health, and a problem I have with one foot, so I walk in the woods. It's the best form of exercise for me. I start out by doing a yoga stretch routine and then I walk no matter how I feel -- I walk. The physical result is more freedom of movement in my joints and less pain over the longer term but I start out stiff and sometimes in pain.

    It's critical for my health to be outside breathing fresh air and taking in Nature in through all my senses -- viewing the beauty with my eyes and thrilling to birdsong.

    A daily walk in a natural environment is not just exercise -- it's more than that. Many don't recognize that not being close to Nature is what ails them -- healing body, mind and spirit in the natural environment is free, accessible medicine we all need to make time for every day.

    Thanks you so much for sharing these images and for your friendship too.

  2. Thanks TT for your comments! I miss you too! Hope you doing well on Yoga and walking. Be careful with joints - need lots of calcium to support.