Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Falls Lake

Having been hungry to water view for longtime, I finally got chance and energy to go to Falls lake, a place that is only 25 minuets drive from where I live. The trip was "delicious, but not without "price".

It was unbelievably warm and windy. I wore short t-shirt, felt like Summer, but, it's only February!


  1. Beautiful captures! Water has such a balming effect...We have had a mild winter too this time, but not quite ready for short T-shirt yet. In a few more weeks, maybe ;)

  2. Great pictures, yunyi. Looks like such a peaceful place. Actually resembles the area where I live. Cayuga Lake, the largest of the finger lakes, is a fifteen minute walk from my house. I go there practically every day, weather permitting.

  3. What fantastic photos! You have a great eye for photography, plus it looks like you had a wonderful time, too. Double win!

  4. @sb, balming effect! right!
    @np, i am so glad you also live close to lake view. i googled Cayuga Lake, it's beautiful!
    @jm, thanks for compliment!