Friday, October 25, 2013

Progress Made

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I've been feeling decent for a while (more than half month), except Thursday last week, when I had crash due to cleaning the kitchen floor. It took a couple of days to recover. I think the progress was made by multiple efforts:
1, almost completely cutting off exercises (walking ad biking), only stretch everyday;
2, Chinese herbs;
3, good diet;
4, good rest.

I will keep going like this and see how far I could go.

I realized my "fighting spirit" is very harmful to my health recovering. All these years, as soon as I felt better, I went to walk, or bike, then crashed after. I know my problem is energy, so this means, whenever I had a little energy saved, I used it up by exercise. So basically, I need to stop pushing myself like I was so used to in my first half of my life. I was right to think that life style (even personality) was the primary cause of all this mess. Of course changing life style or personality is nothing easy, but not impossible. And there are always many "blind spots" to discover: first walking (over 10 years ago); second rest (sleep, about 4 years ago); third diet (about 3 years ago); fourth, Chinese herbs (over 2 months ago); fifth, quit exercise (now!). Interestingly, each time I found something I thought it was the "last piece of my health puzzle".

P.S. I was highly annoyed by an incident another day when I encountered a person, who showed a kind of attitude like: What? you are still not well YET? or didn't you mention how much you had learned about health? She didn't say those words, but I just "imagined" all of them by her expression. People just don't know how complicated the condition is. Well, I better not even mention it. But I did, in case someone read this blog, so at least more people would know a little more understanding toward this so called "invisible illnesses".

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  1. Oh I know exactly what you mean about the 'fighting spirit'. It is so so hard for me NOT to do things like be active when I am feeling a bit better. It is just so hard to fathom how with these illnesses activity can be bad for us??? even though I learn it over and over (or not learn it I guess). I like the sound of your present regiment, I hope it continues to help.