Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is It Placebo Effect?

In a Chinese forum I was asked how I was sure that the effectiveness of Padma Basic (along with several other herbs I mentioned) on me was not placebo effect. My answer was simple: I was skeptical from the beginning.

I don't have a lot of knowledge about placebo effect, but I suppose it has to be based upon patients' belief in treatments. I was ill for years and I had been disbelieving - or at least doubt - all medicines and herbs, and put all my hope almost completely on diet and rest. I did very good job on this account because in more than 2 years I was recovered up to 70% (from 30%!). But I found diet alone was not enough (I am a lousy cook and the last place I like to stay is kitchen), so I decided to open up my mind again, started to take several herbs since last summer. "Magically" I found tangible positive effects of a few herbs which I tried years ago but did not find them effective (Later I realized the reason that the herbs did not work years ago was because I was in such serious trouble that only diet could help). This time, an online friend recommended this Padma Basic to me, I decided to try because I found after a full year effort on diet and herbs, my health condition was still stuck on 70-80% level. The result is absolutely stunning: I found I was able to do things that I could not do for more than 5 years!

Having said all of these, I still believe in lifestyle is the most crucial. I would doubt that Padma Basic would work the same way like this if I took it 5 years ago. But you never know until you try!


  1. yunyi, I guess it's academic whether it's placebo effect or not. You're feeling better and that's what counts.

    1. You are right, Marty. Also, feeling better or worse is "personal", which I found is something very difficult to handle by medicine institutions.