Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learn to rest: doing nothing!

Next to nothingnessImage by the grey sky morning via Flickr

It has been not easy for me to do this: doing nothing! I started to wonder that this might be the primary reason that I have been chronis ill. My body never really got rest and my nervous systems never been able to get balance.
I used to believe that I had a tireless brain and it had to be always busy with something. Now, my body says no and it overpowered my brain.
Something different happened: satisfaction --- or laziness in another word. I started to feel satisfied about lots of things and I am fine with not being able to do things. Finally I am lazy and I am fine with it! I believe that by a mental condition like this, my body would be finally relaxed, and then it would find a way to recover ifself, without any interfering of my mind.

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