Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy on feeding myself!

From morning till now, still busy with foods.
8:30am: breakfast: two steamed eggs (inside put some tomato, onion, etc.); a bup of coconut milk; a small bowl of stir fried green beans (purposely cut off starches because newly learned a scientific combination of foods!).
but these food only subsist my body till 10am! I had to eat another breakfast! a small bowl of oatmeal; a piece of bread, a glass of milk (mixed protein and starch! a violation of scientific food combination! but i was so hungry to care about science!).
Ok, two breakfast! already ate like pig! but only a little after 11am, I was hungry again. I had to eat again! around 12, i had a small brown rice (it was in refrigerator for several days. not fresh!); two small piece of salmon; 8 shrinps (medium small size); a little vegetable salad. And my body still felt not enough so I had a cup of protein shake.
I thought this should be enough, but, 20 minutes after I sat down I felt hungrey again! Now I am preparing for a piece of steak!
What's problem with it? The answer right now is: even though I have kept feeding my body, I have not give what it really needs. But what does my body really need? dinosaur meat? I can't find!

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