Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mad about cooking - a struggle between brain and stomach

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I am a fan of western culture and that's why I came to US. But more and more I realized how patriotic my stomach is - diet has been such a big deal in my daily life. The very first thing I think every morning after I got up is no longer "what am I going to read today", but "what am I going to eat today?" Or even worse, "what am I going to cook today?"

I almost get to a point to believe that my all CFS problems are essentially caused by my bad diet here. It is not that American foods are all bad but, my stomach doesn't negotiate with American foods and I had been too "busy" to stay in kitchen before.

I just suffered another big relapse recently several weeks. I may have to say it was all about "foods". The upset stomach triggered all my symptoms. This morning I woke up by a sheer feeling of hunger, and whatever I ate just didn't satisfy my stomach, so I could not go back sleep again. The thing is, I spent so much money and time in kitchen everyday and cooked so much food but I still dislike most of them. And I feel like wasting so much time everyday!
Cooking Chinese food is time consuming. Everything has to be hot and cooked. Sometime I wanted to eat something but I just don't have materials, nor do I know how. Well, be fair to say, I am not a bad Chinese cook at all, but just not good enough to my stomach!
Why is my stomach so picky? Were my ancestors Chinese Emperors?

I thought about going back to China, but my brain said "no". There are so many things I dislike there. And moving back there might be a bigger "business" to do than just learning cook here.

Good news is, I heard there is an excellent Sichuan (where I come from) Chinese restaurant about 10 miles away. Hope it can be my part time "housewife"...

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  1. I apologize I do not have a lot of sympathy. I do have empathy since I am fatally addicted to Chinese food. I think it was the noodles and fresh veggies that got me.

    Good luck.


  2. thanks icare2be! i just tried the sichuan chinese restaurant and it was excellent! consider problems solved!

  3. Haha! That was a quick fix. We have a wonderful Chinese restaurant here, and my wife and I go at least once a week. The rest of the week I eat mostly grains, fruit and vegetables.

  4. thanks np! yes a quick fix! but i know, vegs and fruits might be more important. :-)